Being sick is stupid and awesome all at once.

I love October. So much. It is hands down my most favorite month of all the months and I will openly tell that to every other month of the year. It’s the best month.

But here’s the thing. I get sickly EVERY October. Changing seasons and I do not get along so well. In fact, I’m just going to put it out there that we straight up hate each other. This morning I woke up with what I thought was the Wine Flu .

i.e. Concerned/Judgey Coworker: “Oh, are you hungover?”

Hungover You: “NO. I have the Wine Flu.”

Bahahahaha. This was funnier like, 3 years ago when everyone and their pet lizard was concerned about swine flu. But I still find it funny today. You should too and we can be friends forever.

Anyway, I thought I was just a hungover mess today after downing a liter of red wine while watching the Cardinals game last night, which we’re not discussing because it makes me upset and yelly and gives my dog friend the shakes because she’s not a fan of all the yelling. But as the day progressed I started to figure out that this was not a case of Wine Flu, but legit cold/flu-like symptoms that were presenting themselves.

We couldn't find the wine opener last night. This sent us into crisis mode. And she's going to beat me with a toaster for putting this picture on the interwebs.

Being sick is equally parts a pain in my ass and awesomeness all at the same time. Yeah, I feel like butt and that sucks. I also have an excuse to lay on my couch without moving for the entire weekend, hop myself up on cold medicine, watch trashy television, sleep for like 14 hours a night,  and drink orange juice like it’s my job without any negative judgement for any of it. That is the bomb.  So, that’s pretty much how I’m going to be spending my weekend.  Please don’t be jealous of the ridiculous amount of excitement and coolness that I’m giving off. You can be as cool as me if you try. I mean, you’re going to have to put in a legit effort, but I really think you can do it.

Also, don’t think I’m a bad pet owner because I gave my dog the shakies with my yelling. Just look at how hard she has it currently.

Now I’m off to snuggle with that baby angel and hopefully knock this stupid cold. Have a good weekend friends!


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