Did ANYONE watch What About Brian in 2005??

Guys. I have to tell you about something. Yesterday I spent my day on my couch whining to my mom about how much I was sneezing, drank an entire carton of orange juice, and ate a pretty good portion of a family size box of Cap’n Crunch. But none of that matters. The most important thing I did yesterday, that I HAVE to tell you about, was watch this:

What About Brian

You. Guys. This show. First things first, Hulu, thanks a HEAP for suggesting I immerse myself in the wonderfulness of this program seeing as a. it’s from like 2005 and b. there were only 2 seasons. I am now obsessed, and when I finish the second half of season 2 today, it’s over. Gone forever. For someone like me who has fairly severe separation anxiety, this is going to cause a problem in my life.

Let me break down the awesomeness of this show for you. Most importantly, Brian, who is kind of me in male form, is played by Barry Watson. That’s Matt Camden from 7th Heaven, ya’ll!! Brian is the only single one in this whole little misfit group of couples, because he has commitment phobia. Or so they’d have you think! REALLY he’s in love with Marjorie, who is engaged to his BFFL Adam. Dramatics ensue for sure around that plot. Then, in season 2 (I’m not worried about giving this away because this show is over and let’s be honest, none of you are gonna pull a me and devote a Saturday and half a Sunday to watching this.) Marjorie is just gone. And it kind of makes the show a little boring and I kind of feel like the stories are just drifting around aimlessly, and that could have something to do with why it got cancelled. But to make up for Marjorie’s absence, they did bring in a funny black character in an attempt to make things more entertaining. I really liked Jimmy, obviously no one else liked him enough. Also, the second Victoria from the Twilight series plays a stripper in the second season and dates Adam as a strippertastic replacement Marjorie.
Okay, so there’s Matt Camden. Then there’s this funny Italian guy….also missing in season 2. First he’s off shooting a movie in Italy, then right before I had to turn this off to watch the Cardinals last night, they killed him off. AND his wife, Matt Camden’s sister, was 8 months knocked up. How terrible is that!? As I’m writing this I’m understanding why they didn’t get a season 3, they kind of got rid of everything good in season 2. Then there’s this couple that’s been together for about eternity and have these cute lil chillruns that when the show starts you’re like aw, cute. Then the chick decides they should have an open marriage because she wants to get it in with her yoga instructor, aw, whore. Then she sleeps with the playground dad instead and the husband dude is like crushed. So he sleeps with the nerdy video game chick who then ruins his career and his marriage…keep it in your pants, even if you’ve got the sads. Then the open marriage couple decides to get a divorce. I die.
I just read all that. This show sounds DUMB. No wonder it didn’t last. But you guys, seriously, it’s so good. I love it.  What About Brian for LIFE. But not really, because it was cancelled like 5 years ago and no one even misses it. Let’s be real, I didn’t even know it existed. Ugh, I just love Barry Watson. Do you remember when he had cancer!? I’m so glad he beat it and got to star in his own show for a hot minute. 
So anyway, I just had to tell you guys about this show I’m currently obsessed with. I’m going to go finish season 2 now, so maybe I can be productive today. I think my cold’s almost gone. And the Cardinals DOMINATED last night. Life is good.
Dream. Boat.

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