Holy jobs, Batman.


So, fun fact-I will be unemployed as of next Friday. I’m currently alternating between FREAKING. OUT. about this. And feeling like everything really DOES happen for a reason so something good HAS to come out of this.

Here’s the thing. I’ve had a lot of jobs. Like, more jobs than any person really should in their entire lifetime. I am only 25. Okay, seriously, I don’t think you get it. Here’s a list:

EDIT: There used to be a list here then I realized for multiple reasons that was stupid. A. I’m trying to find a new job, maybe don’t list ALL of my previous employers on the internet. B. There are stalkers out there bro, and I’m not trying to get abducted outside my office.

TWENTY ONE! That’s even more than I thought it was!! Holy SHIZ. That is ridiculous.

 Granted, some of them were short-lived. VERY short-lived. For example, Chili’s. I decided I should be a server and make some fat cash. Applied at the new Chili’s that had just opened. Showed up my first day as a server. Ever. First day being a server EVER in my life. Was told to make the tea. Okay. I’ve got this. It’s tea! Can’t be that hard! WRONG. I JACKED the tea up somehow and everyone was SO. MAD. All these people were just running around YELLING about the tea being bad, and asking WHO was responsible for this travesty!? Best believe I kept my mouth SHUT and hid until it was time to go home. And then I may or may not have never returned because I was so ashamed. About two years later my mom wanted to go there for dinner. Nope. Haven’t been back since.

I’ve gotten off track. ANYWAY, I’m about to be unemployed again. I don’t want to keep working random jobs. I’m SO over it. I want to start a career. Something I love doing, that I’m passionate about. Something that I can see myself doing in the long run. So, I’m now accepting applications for a sugar daddy. HA! Kidding. Kind of. No, really, kidding.

This time I’m going to do it right. I’m taking my time and looking for a job that I’ll love. That can maybe last for more than 2 years? That would be ideal.  I’ve really liked my time working in a non-profit so I’m starting there. I found a position with a publishing company and I think I would really like that. I’m not just going to apply for every job opening I see just to get myself a job. Been there, done that. And it has resulted in TWENTY ONE jobs. BAH!

So wish me luck. If you know of any openings in the St. Louis area you think would work for me, holler. And send all sugar daddy applications to my email directly.

One thought on “Holy jobs, Batman.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your job!

    Sure you have had a lot of jobs, but experience is important! You are just REALLY experienced at a lot of different things.

    I’m sending positive juju your way. I know you will find something!

    Don’t forget to require pictures for the sugar daddy applications as well.


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