This post is going to be a hodge podge of randomness. I tried to think of a coherent topic to write about, but I killed A LOT of brain cells this weekend and just wasn’t able to come up with one thing I could get myself to focus on. Sorry boutcha.

The Cardinals won the World Series. I watched from Paddy O’s next door to Busch with every other Cards fan in St. Louis it felt like. Then we wandered into the stadium to see the festivities after the game was over. I had so much fun it was stupid. In normal life I would have HATED. LIFE. in the crowded ass bar with 2574985743985 other people, not able to get to the bathroom, waiting for 20 minutes in line to get beers. Not on World Series night. It was like Christmas and I was just the happiest girl in the world. It made me wonder how the f St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the United States when everyone can come together around something like that. Weird.

Then I got up at 4:30 am on Saturday to go to work. It SUCKED. That’s all.

But Saturday night I went out for Halloween with my pals. We had an EXCELLENT group and had such a freaking blast. Halloween is so fabulous. What a good excuse for everyone to dress up like hot messes and drink far too much booze. Love.

This weekend I learned that partying gets hard when you get old. Back in the day drinking from Thursday to Sunday was basically a weekly occurence. Now a days? No. Just no. I feel like DEATH. I have no voice, my entire body is sore like someone beat the hell out of me, and I’m fairly certain I will never get enough sleep to make me feel like a real person again. Being grown blows.

In other news, Kim Kardashian’s getting divorced. If those two can’t make it work for 73 days, what hope do I have!? True love is obviously dead.

Also, I spent a large portion of my morning learning on the interwebs that Wedding Dress by Matt Nathanson, which I truly planned to dance to at my wedding, is definitely about divorce. So….that’s a good sign for my future relationships.

And also, Spotify is awesome. Work is way more fun when people sing to me. For free. WORD.

Okay, I can’t write any more words because there’s no point to anything I’m writing. Happy Halloween. Bye.


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