You’ll thank me for this.

Guys. I think now is a good time for me to let you know I have an addictive personality. I find something I like, and I cling to it. I become borderline obsessed with it. I can’t stop. This most often happens with food. I just finished up with a Qdoba phase, where I would eat it at MINIMUM once a week. I tried to cut it out because I was attempting to eat healthier and I literally had dreams about it. I had to find myself a healthier option to my usual fatty burrito so I would still be able to eat it because I was seriously spending RIDICULOUS amounts of time thinking about it. I ate it the other day and was like, “Meh. Over it.” That’s how the obsessions end. One day I’m just done.

I’m now moving into a scrambled egg phase. I made myself a delicious scrambled egg breakfast burrito yesterday, went to bed thinking about it last night, and made the egg scramble again today sans burrito. If I was a betting person, I’d put money on me eating it again tomorrow morning.

Previous food obsessions have been Ramen noodles, Stovetop stuffing, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Pasta Roni, Totino’s Party Pizzas….I could continue. Hey, do you guys think I like carbs? Blech!

Anyway, I’ve gotten off track. SHOCKING. My OTHER current obsession is THIS lip balm:

I. AM. ADDICTED. I own three of them. I must have one with me at all times. I can’t stop putting it on. It’s a little ball of lip balm perfection. That’s the thing you guys. It’s a BALL. Not a stupid stick. It’s big enough to cover all your lips with one swoop!! WHO didn’t think of this until now!? It’s pure brilliance.

Did I seriously write an entire blog to tell you guys about that lip balm? Yup. Pretend you don’t care. You’re totally going to buy it when you see it. Then you’re gonna be all, “OMG! This lip balm is AMAZING! I’m so glad Amanda told me about this! SHE’S AWESOME!”

Yeah, I am. And you’re welcome.


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