Did you know ridiculousness is not in the spell check dictionary??

Hi pals.

I’m really trying to write on a regular basis seeing as how I’m unemployed and stuff (Oh, have I mentioned I’m unemployed? Only EVERY time I write anything and you wish I would STFU already? Riiiiight….) and I have an abundance of free time on my hands. But trying to come up with stuff to write about is more difficult than one would think. I feel like I need to have a topic to stick to, but then I get here and basically end up just word vomiting a whole crapload of randomness for your reading pleasure. I won’t lie, people tell me this hot mess makes them lol, so apparently the randomness isn’t as offensive as I imagine it to be.

So here’s an update on my life:

Went to my first Blue’s game. Decided to become a hockey fan. Sometimes the refs just dance around and let these dudes beat each other up. It’s AWESOME. Then sometimes the refs break stuff up as soon as one dude mean mugs another dude. That is not awesome. Basically I guess the refs have multiple personalities and it just depends on which one shows up during fight time? Do not get it. Also, decided I should get a hockey player boyfrienn. They’re hot. And then I could wear his hockey jerseys which seem to me to be SUPER comfortable and the perfect bagginess to hide any and all fat rolls, beer guts, etc. I had a Brett Hull jersey when I was a young’n. Then I wrote him a letter and told him how much I loved him and stuff and he never wrote me back. Then I stopped believing in hockey and Brett Hull. That was probably at least 18 years ago. I’ve decided it’s time to let it go. I forgive you Brett.

Apparently all my friends knew I was a baby person and were just waiting for me to figure it out. I think this is rude. If anyone knows anything else about me they’re just waiting for me to figure out on my own, can you just tell me now and save us all the time it will take my el stupido self to learn about it? I’m obviously not quick. Help a sister out.

I’ve somehow gotten myself into being on the committee for the Relay For Life of Troy. I managed to take on far more responsibility than I originally planned and am now in charge of the Luminaria Ceremony. Whoops. If anyone would like to help me with that, shout me a holler.

Also, I went to church last Sunday and today I got a lovely card from them in the mail with a QuikTrip gift card so gas for my next visit would “be on them.” I think this is super nice, but also kind of wonder if there’s a better way for a church to use their money than sending $5 gift cards to EVERYONE who comes for their first time? That’s gotta get expensive…But that’s not my business and let’s be real, I’ma happily use that $5 so I should probably shut up and just say thank you.

That’s all I’ve got. Thanks for reading this mess. If you’re someone who has told me you find this funny or that you think I’m a good writer, I like you a lot. You make me feel better about the ridiculousness that is my life. Adios amigos.


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