I have a mouth like a sailor.

Whoa. My post yesterday was vulgar and foul-mouthed. Apologies. I’ve gotta lock it up with the dirty words. It’s offensive in real life, but I feel like it’s even more offensive in writing.

I don’t really have anything good to tell you guys today. I was a pretty worthless individual for a majority of my day. Unemployment funk is starting to set in in full force. I’ve got to figure out how to counteract it ASAP. Tomorrow I have two job interviews and a bunch of errands to run. You know, because I haven’t had time to run errands allllllll week with my busy schedule and all. Pssshhhh. Anyway, I feel like getting out of my house will help with my funkyness. And not funky in a good way, like the White Boy playing the music. Funky in a bad way, like I don’t like to get off my couch or put on pants that don’t have an elastic waistband.

Also, if someone would like to get me a ticket to go see Breaking Dawn at midnight tomorrow, that’d be cool. I originally didn’t get one because I thought I’d be in NC, but seeing as how my limited funding has prohibited me from traveling this holiday season, I’m now regretting that decision. So someone should surprise me with one. That would be AWESOME.

Annnnnd tomorrow is my dog’s FIFTH birthday. Man I feel old.

Anyways, I just stopped by to apologize for the harsh language that was used yesterday. I hope I didn’t offend anyone other than myself with my dirty mouth. I’ll  try to lock it up with the swears-EXCEPT wizard swears. Those are here to stay, you blast ended skank.



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