Crazy Dog Lady For Real

I don’t think you guys fully understand what a crazy dog lady I am. I’m legit nuts. I have really philosophical thoughts sometimes like, “What if I had a DIFFERENT dog, not THIS dog? I bet I wouldn’t love it as much…” Sometimes I look at the French Bulldog Rescue Network’s website and cry because I want all the dogs. ALL. THE. DOGS. So, in true crazy dog lady fashion, here is a look at my dog’s birthday. Photo style. (Also I’m an f’ing WordPress noob and cannot make all the pictures have captions and look right and be cool. It’s fine. Just pretend I’m fancy. I wish I wasn’t so computer stupid….)
 Happy Birthday morning to you and yours!!
Sophia spends a majority of her day perched right here or on the back of the other couch looking out the windows for birds, squirrels, hoodrats, empty beer bottles, etc. It’s SUPER entertaining when she finds one of these items and almost falls off the couch in excitement. So obviously, no birthday would be complete without spending some time participating in her favorite past time.
Shut UP and stop trying to take my picture! I’m BUSY.
She then snuggled up for a nap approximately 27 minutes after getting up for the day. It’s hard work stalking the neighborhood from the couch.
Life is hard on your birthday.

 We played for a while before I had to get ready for my job interviews. I did not photograph her favorite mutilated duck toy. It’s embarrassing.

This is my ball and you can never have it. Ever. I’ll cut you.
It was obviously nap time. Again. Seriously, homegirl has a HARD life.
I planned to take Sopapilla on a walk  in her adorable puppy pea coat when I got back home but SOMEONE decided to poop on the floor while I was gone. Seriously, she has not had an accident in probably over a year. Today!? Really!? Because it’s her birthday she did not get beat and barely got yelled at. But she did get her Happy Birthday walk taken away. Consequences, guys. Also, I threatened to throw away her adorable birthday treats because I envision her schatting on the floor at the exact time I was buying them and laughing at me. But that PROBABLY didn’t happen. So she got to choose a treat for today and the other one is being saved for tomorrow.
Baby Angel Birthday Treats!
I choose the cupcake and will put the ENTIRE thing in my mouf so you cannot take it back, you thief.The best option is clearly to hold this entire treat in my mouth and avoid eye contact.
I have terrible posture and can no longer resist this cupcake's deliciousness.

 After dinner we watched last night’s episode of Up All Night. She tried to flatter me in hopes it would help me forget about her little accident. It worked.

Christina Applegate is funny AND pretty. Just like you, Mom.
Snuggles!Rub mah belly!
After Birthday belly rubs homie threw herself backwards and has been passed out happily in my lap ever since. Puppy birthdays are HARD ya’ll.
And I'm out.
Seriously, I’ve edited this 7 times. It keeps showing up right when I’m editing it but when I publish it random pictures are gone and their captions are scrunched up with other pictures. I’m about to throw my laptop into the fireplace, so this is as good as it gets folks. I am not WordPress savvy enough to make it right. BLECH!!!!

One thought on “Crazy Dog Lady For Real

  1. My absolutely fave pic is the one of her in the other room keeping her ball from you. She’s looking at you like you are legit about to pull some shade and steal her toy.



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