Pinterest will not beat me.

Today I decided to take on Pinterest. I’ve been on it for a hot minute, technically, but I never got on because I just didn’t get it. One would think I would just move on with life, but no. I’m a follower. All of my friends really like it which made me determined to really like it too. Obviously.

After spending a good part of my day pinning and having my pins liked and repinned, I felt pretty popular and can understand why this is enjoyable.

Here’s the thing I don’t get about Pinterest though. When I login, I see these stupid pins from these dumb people I don’t even follow. I went in and made sure I wasn’t following them. I logged out and logged back in and these people and their pins that I could not care any less about are STILL in my face. Pinterest friends, how do I make them go away!? They’re taking away from my pinning experience. I’ll be honest, they’re the reason I wasn’t on the Pinterest bandwagon until now, because all I was seeing was their dumbass watercolor pins and stuff they find funny that in actuality is not funny at all. I’m following enough people who I actually like and who pin stuff that really IS funny now that it’s dispersed in between all their idiot pins so it’s a little easier to handle. But still. I just want them to be gone forever. So help me pals. How do I make them leave my Pinterest universe!?

Tomorrow I will pin again. I am determined to like this as much as everyone else.

What a follower…


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