Festive Happy Thanksgiving Post!

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!!

I know I’m a day late. Get off me. To be honest yesterday didn’t really feel like Thanksgiving to me in any way. This year was the first year in my 25 years of existence that I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my mom, for reasons we don’t need to go into on the world wide web, and it just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving  to me without her around. Don’t get me wrong, I have SO MUCH to be Thankful for, and I am. But I’ve just been such a hot mess for the better part of this week over my family dramatics that by yesterday all my feelings were turned off and it was just a day of me trying to not have mental breakdown for the most part.

I got home from my first ever legit Thanksgiving Eve celebration since I’ve spent every Turkey Day of drinking age in the Carolina until now. It was an absolute success. The grande size headache I had yesterday was NOT a success.

I hung out with Truman during the day. We did nothing festive in any way. I asked last week what he wanted to do for Thanksgiving and his response was, “Dunno. Sit around I guess.” Not QUITE what I was going for. I asked if he wanted me to get a small turkey and make us a Thanksgiving dinner and he informed me he does not like turkey. Or pumpkin anything. Or any of “that other Thanksgiving shit.” Got it. So, obviously, there was no Thanksgiving shit.  I had planned to make us some muffins or something for breakfast at least, but my hangover prevented that from becoming a reality. My bad. So, we had TDog’s perfect Thanksgiving and sat around, just as he requested.

When 2 pm hit it was obviously Moose Lodge time for T-Dizzle. Drinking time doesn’t take a holiday guys. I then headed to my best friend’s mom’s to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family. I ate A LOT of bombass food. It did finally feel like a real holiday a little. Mostly the part where I’m so full I feel like I’m literally going to explode but I can’t stop eating.  And keeping with the holiday spirit her two-year old nephew told me REPEATEDLY that he did not like me. And just for good measure shouted it one more time as he was out the door heading to the car. I’ve got a real way with kids.

We then packed up and headed to another of my best friend’s soon to be in-law’s Thanksgiving celebration. This leg of my day included a large amount of liquor and a South African. So it was obviously the best part. We all proceeded to get fairly drunk and then headed back to her house for a Thanksgiving slumber party where I got to snuggle with one of my all time fave dog friends. Life was obviously good.

That’s my fun and festive Thanksgiving recap. I now give everyone permission to get out all your tacky ass Christmas decor and blast that Mariah Carey Christmas CD for the next month. You will get no more side eye from me for it.


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