Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, Sorry I’m So Crazy. (That’s how the song really goes. Duh.)

Hola amigos. Bet you thought I forgot about you. Fear not, I’m back to entertain you with tales of my boring hot mess life. Yaaaaay!!

Today I woke up in a BAD. MOOD. I literally refused to get out of bed for a long ass time because I was so f’ing grumpy. There was no reason for my grumpasaurus attitude. I just woke up feeling like a Debbie Downer and let the feeling hang around without doing anything about it. About an hour after I finally drug myself out of bed and into the land of the living Truman popped in and asked if I wanted to go get our Christmas tree today. Turns out that’s exactly what I needed. A little holiday cheer perked me right up. We headed out and get ourselves a lovely pre-lit tree (Seriously. Why have I not had a pre-lit tree before!? Not having to walk around in tiny circles putting lights on the tree is MAGICAL.) and a few other festive decor items.

I came home, made myself a phenomenal Christmas playlist on Spotify (also, Spotify=AWESOME), lit the Christmas tree scented candles throughout the house and got to work.

Fun fact, if I ever have kids one day, they cannot have a fun Christmas tradition of decorating the tree. My OCD kicks in full force when it comes to ornament placement. Tdog almost got his hand snatched off when he attempted to jack up the system I had going on with my ornaments. Also, when I was a child I got to get a new ornament every year and our tree was always a motley crew of ornaments from my mom, my grandparents and myself throughout the years. Sadly, my child cannot have that experience either because I’m not down with a cluster-fuck Christmas tree. I like it to be clean and beautiful. Garland/tinsel is tacky and a waste of my time. Multi-colored lights make me want to punt a kitten. My ornaments all go together in a complimentary fashion. This year I’ve got white lights (obviously) with silver and light blue ornaments. I’m into a clean, well decorated tree with perfectly placed ornaments.


Sorry in advance to any future children for my OCD tendencies ruining your Christmas fun. You’ll get over it.


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