DON’T worry, I’m still alive!

Oh, hiiiiiiii.

So, let’s just talk about it and get it out in the open so we can move on. December has been a suck ass month for me and this blog. Today is the 15th and this is my second post. That’s a shame. Here’s the deal guys. I’m unemployed. I’m broke because I’m unemployed. I’m in the midst of a mild mental breakdown because I’m unemployed, I’m broke, I’m going to die alone, I’m spending the holidays away from my mommy for the first time, the list goes on and on and on. And no one wants to read some Debbie Downer blog that’s all woe is me, life sucks, I’m the saddest girl in the world blah blah blahdity blahdity blah blah. I sure as hell don’t. I’m well aware that people in the world have it A LOT worse than I can ever even IMAGINE and when I read blogs from peeps like me who have food to eat everyday, a warm house to live in, and a place to sleep every night crying about how sucky their lives are I get pretty lit up. I have saved you all from that torture. You are welcome.

But now it’s time to suck it the fuck up, put on my big girl panties, and move on. I’m sure I can figure out SOMETHING to write about on a more regular basis for your entertainment and my sanity. Let’s run through a quick recap of what’s been going on since the last time we talked TEN days ago. Shit. That’s too long. I’ve missed you. And I’m sure you’ve missed me.

Last time we talked, Christmas tree went up. It is glorious and still gives me the warm fuzzies. Especially when Sophia naps under it. Too cute.

Went out with all my married/engaged friends one night. Literally, I’m the only lonely girl. Que Justin Bieber to sing about my life.  They’re all real great pals and turned their huge rocks around to appear available for when dudes wanted to hit on me. Don’t worry. They didn’t.


This is my life.
Once we realized no dudes were knocking people out of their way to get to me, we began entertaining ourselves with a small photo shoot. This is my “sexy.” Yeah…..
That's as good as it gets.

 I’ve worked a few temp jobs here and there. Taken more trips to Walmart with TDog than I can count. He always needs SOMETHING and for some reason just cannot even FATHOM going to Walmart alone. What’d you do before I lived here bro!?

One of my faves who stupidly lives in stupid Arizona being a stupid park ranger is home for the holidays and I’m stupid happy about it.

THIS happy.

 Addy being home means we will all be a drunken mess. His parents house includes this bombass family room that I basically consider my second home. I’ve spent a dumb amount of time there drinking like it’s my job. Also, he has the best. dog. ever. Francesca (Yeah, her name’s Francesca. How is she NOT awesome!?) is my faaaaavorite. She’s gained a lot of weight since the last time I’ve seen her which only makes me love her more. More to love. Obviously.

 ANYWAY. Addy’s home. We got drunk.
SHOTS. Really LARGE shots.

 And then I spent the entire next day refusing to get off my couch and crying to my dog about how I was never. drinking. again. Ha. Jokes!

After recovering from my hangover I had a lovely little dinner and movie night with two of my favorite people. (Completely unrelated news-Friends With Benefits is seriously my favorite movie from 2011. If you have not watched it yet DO. IT. You will not regret it.)

Went to f’ing WALMART with TDog Monday.

Worked a temp job the last two days.  Where this woman who is either just super nice or SUPER scary immediately fell in love with me because I remind her of her son’s girlfriend and insisted on taking me to lunch yesterday. It was nice. But also weird. But nice. Obviously I didn’t know how to feel. Whatever. I got a free lunch out of the deal.

And that brings us up to present day and catches you guys up on the gloriousness that is my life. Whoooooooo.

Don’t freak out because this is over and you think it will be weeks before I come back again. I’ll be back soon. Promise.


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