Completely random stuff I just feel like you guys should know about.

Dude. Christmas is less than a week away. How did THAT happen!?

Watch this. I LOL every time.

Do y’all read Suri’s Burn Book!? ( I was incredibly bored Saturday, but not bored enough to actually use my time in any type of productive manner. (QUIT with the side eye. Don’t act like you have not had that kind of day before. You’re a liar.) So I read the ENTIRE thing. Just sat on my couch and read like 30 pages of Suri’s burn book. I love that little diva so much.

Yesterday was my best friend Katie G’s birthday. I got her a unicycle. You should all be jealous.

Yup. That's a unicycle.

It’s a good thing I got her a bombass birthday present because when we got back to her apartment Saturday night I may or may not have started a ruckus when I informed a homie that he needed to move his ass off the big couch because her apartment is basically my second home and that couch is basically my bed. He did NOT like that. I want to say I felt bad, but I didn’t. I was ready for bed and he was in my way. I meant it. I did NOT think it would be that big of a deal though. And for his overreaction, I am sorry. Everyone should just take note to never be in my sleeping area when I’m ready for sleeping. Life will be better for us all.

Ha. This was my favorite part of the scene that this dude caused though-We had stopped and gotten Jimmy John’s for everyone on the way home from the bar and said homie nommed his Turkey Tom down like it was no joke. After I ruined his day by making him remove himself from my couch he went on this rant about how he doesn’t even LIKE turkey, he just likes roast beef. To that my friend Fann who paid for the sandwiches said he should have bought his own roast beef sandwich if he was so upset about the ENTIRE TURKEY SANDWICH he had just devoured. He got real big and bad and said that he would pay her back THREE TIMES what that turkey sandwich cost. I informed him it was $5. He threw $4 at her and stormed out. I laugh every time I think about this.  It’s so ridiculous. Haha…I’m lol’ing right now. $4!!

That’s all I’ve got. After that $4 thing I just can’t even with you guys anymore. Falalala. Merry Christmas. Bye.

One thought on “Completely random stuff I just feel like you guys should know about.

  1. I honestly just cried at work from laughing so hard at that Youtube video and then again when thinking about the shenanigans from this weekend!

    But seriously dude, that sandwich was awesome. I don’t even know who he thought he was kidding.


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