Christmas miracles!!! And stuff.

Holla! I have so much to tell you guys.

In typical Truman fashion, my Grandpa decided Monday, out of the blue, that he in fact WOULD like to travel to North Carolina for Christmas this year. I have been preaching for months now about how we should do WHATEVER TDog wants for Christmas, because who knows how many more we’re going to get to have him around for. Seriously, PREACHING this shit. It was obnoxious. So, I have spent the last few days getting everything figured out for us to head out there. Tomorrow morning we are heading South for the holiday. That’s right…I will be spending 10 LONG hours in a Cavalier with Truman tomorrow. Prayers for everyone to arrive safe and sane are appreciated.

And in OTHER news, I got a job offer today!!! It’s a Christmas miracle!!! I’m going to make trains! Okay, fine, I’m going to be an admin assistant. But it’s AT A PLACE WHERE THEY MAKE TRAINS!! I’m so f’ing happy it’s dumb. Being unemployed sucks dick.

Here’s the deal guys, 2011 has been QUITE a year for me. Parts really good and parts REALLY bad. I moved back to Illinois from North Carolina, worked a crappy job with a crappy commute that I hated, my car was a broken piece for a hot minute, I got a job that I honestly liked, dealt with Pastor Man dramatics, fell even more in love with my bombass friends (which I didn’t even think was possible), took care of Truman, lost my job, dealt with family dramatics, and here we are.

Honestly I feel like things are coming together. Although we still have our issues, I’m stoked I’m going to be spending Christmas in NC with my family the way it’s supposed to be instead of here alone with TDog trying to make things festive and having his Grumpasaurus self bringing me down all day and focusing all my energy on not having a festive Christmas nervous breakdown. I get to go to NC for a week without the pressure of trying to find a job while I’m there. I get a full week to spend with Rico Suave (my mom’s dog. He. Is. AMAZING.), relax, eat enough food to last me all of next year, and just chill. I don’t have to spend Christmas away from my momma for the first time ever. I like this.

Then I get to come home and spend New Years Eve with my friends. Not all of them, it makes me sad that we’re getting older and can’t all spend NYE together anymore, but I’ll get to celebrate with at least some of my favorite people, which is good enough for me. Then I start 2012 with a brand new job. Basically, life is good.

Christmas miracles all around!! I’ll let you kids know if we all arrive in Asheville alive tomorrow. Seriously, I’m not even joking, pray for me. Truman and I almost kill each other if we spend too much time in this large house with separate rooms together. An entire day smushed in a car together could end TERRIBLY. Lord, hear our prayer.

One thought on “Christmas miracles!!! And stuff.

  1. Yay!! So happy for you! Sad that I had to find out all of this fantastic news via blog. And pumped to spend NYE together! Tell mama Pam I say Merry Christmas!


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