A day late, but you’ll forgive me.


I hope everyone had a fabulous day full of really delicious food that was really bad for you, family & friends, and a crapload of happy fuzzy warm loveyness. And that Santa was good to you, of course.

We got to my Mom’s house Thursday evening. Let me just tell you guys, riding in a Chevrolet Cavalier with Truman, Sophia, enough oxygen tanks to keep a small country going for a month, and half of the possessions we own in life for 10 hours is QUITE a treat. Add in a torrential downpour for 75% of the drive and it is something I cannot even put into words. Needless to say, I have never been happier to exit a vehicle in all the days of my life.


This face made up for it. That white blur in the back is Sophia. Obviously.

 Thursday evening my Momma made me one of my fave meals for dinner, and I basically just refused to move from the couch until dragging myself to my bed and sleeping for 11 hours. It. Was. Glorious.

Friday afternoon was a baking extravaganza-pumpkin & pecan pies, snickerdoodles, and my all time favorite-pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The day of fatness was then rounded out by a trip to my favorite Italian restaurant for dinner. Can you tell when I come home I call the shots? We’re not even done discussing all of my favorites that have been consumed so far. I might be a bit spoiled. I’m an only child. What do you expect!? Also, visits revolving around food MAY play a large part in my chunkalicious body type. Just maybe…

So, anyway, Christmas Eve we had yet another bombass dinner of beef strogonaff, one of mi Madre’s specialties. It was DELICIOUS. We kept with our Christmas Eve traditions of watching It’s A Wonderful Life after dinner and getting to open ONE present, which of course is festive Christmas pajamas for everyone. I love George Bailey and I love Christmas pajamas. Win/win. 

Christmas morning came and I was very happy. I don’t really have that one thing I’m DYING for like I did when I was a child, which makes things a little less exciting. But I did pretty well. Some gift cards, some movies, a reading light for my Kindle. Pretty boring grown up gifts. I think I might start asking for American Girl dolls again just to make things more exciting. (You can tell a lot about a person by which American Girl doll they pined after in their youth. I was a Samantha. Obviously. Which American Girl were you??)

After presents comes waffles for breakfast. This has been happening for more years than I can count, since my Grandma received a waffle iron as a gift when I was still a tot. I love waffles, so of course I’m down with this tradition. Christmas dinner was AMAZEBALLLLLLS this year. By far one of my faves. We traditionally go with turkey for Thanksgiving, ham for Christmas and this year was no exception. I find that people have a pretty serious stance on turkey vs. ham for holiday celebrations. I’m gonna be straight with you guys, I’m all about ham. Turkey’s alright I guess. I’m a BIG fan of all the food that goes along with the turkey at Thanksgiving. Stuffing!? Helllllls yes. Turkey? Eh.  Ham? GIMME. So, yeah, just thought you guys should know my stance on that. Christmas=Ham=Happiness.

We also have this weird tradition, I’m not entirely sure where it came from, of going to the movies on Christmas. Maybe because I love the Jews so much we decided to celebrate the holiday like the Jewish folk do? Seriously, no idea. But we go. This year we saw We Bought a Zoo. I thought it sounded STUPID. But Matt Damon was in it, and I love me some Damon. The movie was legit, I’ll admit it. ScarJo makes me want to punch a kitten in the face a little, but overall a nice story.

And that catches you folks up on my life. Today has been pure laziness, leftovers, and sweatpants. Currently my Maja is fixing my all time favorite dinner, chicken enchiladas with white sauce and homemade guacamole. NOM. How am I not morbidly obese yet? No idea. When I leave here Wednesday I’m not eating for a month. I may actually  have to be rolled home, I don’t know if I’ll fit in a Cavalier….

Merry Christmas friends!



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