I think New Year’s Eve is worthless.

I DESPISE New Year’s Eve. I think it is the most overrated ridiculous holiday of them all. People get all freaked out about what to do because it’s the LAST NIGHT of the WHOLE year. Who cares!? It doesn’t matter. Tomorrow is going to be just another Sunday and Monday is surely going to come after that. JUST LIKE EVERY SATURDAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR. Today is not special.

And everyone is always a GD disaster and no one can get it together enough to come up with one legitimate plan and everyone always ends up doing 389 different things and it stresses me out. And then, no matter what you end up doing, it’s a let down in some way because you had these stupid over the top expectations for the evening. NO.

So while getting super stressed out yesterday talking to my friends who are all doing something different and not being able to decided WTF to do with myself, I decided I was going to do NOTHING. I was going to sit at home in my pajamas with my dog and a big ass bottle of wine and go to bed early and not deal with it. Then I started to feel like a big loser. Who doesn’t do ANYTHING on NYE!? But I was going to stick with it. I’d made my decision. I was happily going to end 2011 in the peace and quiet of my own home all by myself. Yay!

Well then my stupid best friend, who I have not seen in a month, text me today with all this excitement over getting to see me tonight. F. So that made me feel like an asshole and I am now once again contemplating getting myself together to go out tonight. And I am UN.A.MUSED.

I hate this stupid day. I do hope you all have fabulous New Year’s though. Whether you’re going out and getting stupid drunk for a stupid amount of money that is completely unnecessary to spend because this is JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY. Or if you’re staying in I hope it’s glorious and low-key and no one gives you any shit about it.

Either way have a glorious 2012 pals!!

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