What day is today!? Today is new house day!!

Hiya friends! Fun update on my life: I’m moving today! Well, kind of.

I was originally supposed to move March 3rd. Well then yesterday my best frienn who I’m moving in with decided she was lonesome and I should just move in now. I was planning to be there tonight anyway because I’m having a nail party (It’s like a Tupperware party, but with these sticker kind of shield blow dry on things for your nails. I’m reading that and realizing how dumb it sounds to you, but it’s not. It. Is. Awesome.) Look at this photo:

LOOK how cute these are!

ANYWAY…so since I was going to be there tonight anyway, I’m just semi-moving in and never leaving. I have all my bed stuff and shower stuff and what I need for work tomorrow all packed up in my car and when I get off I’m just going to swing by my house and grab my dog friend and all her belongings. Tonight will be our first night in our new home!! I’ve been ready to move for MONTHS, but now that it’s actually happening I’ve got the sads a little bit. I thought Truman would be ECSTATIC I was leaving, but he’s not which has thrown me off my game completely. Obviously not enough to stop me from suddenly moving out with 24 hours notice, but still. Hurts my heart a little bit.

This is the best/one of the only pictures of Tdog I own. Look how much he clearly loves me.

So obviously today is DRAGGGGGING by because I’m pretty enthused about my evening plans. I’m trying my best to focus on my job, but it’s just SO. HARD. today. I’m going to go give it one more valiant effort before I head home for the day. See ya later pals!


Just remember...



If you’re off today I hope you stub your toe.

Happy Monday, ya’ll. I’m sure a bunch of you have today off to celebrate presidents and stuff. And I would like you to know I hate you. Cancer doesn’t take President’s Day off and I’m extremely bitter about it.

Anywho, this Saturday was Mardi Gras. In case you’re unaware, St. Louis has the second biggest Mardi Gras after New Orleans. And anyone you meet from the St. Louis metropolitan area will tell you that. Repeatedly. We’re pretty obnoxious about it. Watch this. You’ll understand.

So being the good St. Louisans we are, we celebrated appropriately. Which you may have figured out from my drunken NEED to share the new Jason Mraz video with you Saturday evening when I got home. I don’t feel bad about it though. It is an excellent song and I still feel it’s  something you guys needed to see. You’re welcome.

Lots of vodka was most likely involved in my day.

I’m really attempting to be a productive member of society and lock it up this week. Today is a success so far. I got up on time this morning. Ate a healthy breakfast, brought a healthy lunch, and have dinner cooking in the crockpot at home as we speak. I’ve got plans to do some 30 day shred when I get off work, eat my nutritious dinner, do some laundry, and go to bed at a decent hour to get my perfect 9 hours of sleep. Boom. I’m grown. Don’t feel bad if you’re impressed by how awesome I am, I’m pretty impressed too.

Now I have to get back to doing my job. If you’re off today, I just want to reiterate my jealousy to you. I hope you stub your big toe.

This is a super happy, let’s all love life post. Weird, I know…

Heya friends. I bet you got nervous when I didn’t post for two days and thought I was going to be absent for like 2 months again, didn’t you?? DON’T fear!!! I’m back after only a short TWO DAY absence. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, didn’t ya know??

I hope everyone had a beautiful and lovey Valentine’s Day. Mine was full of food, my friends, The Vow, and some beers. Nothing exciting in any way, but I had a good day. I’m kind of loving my life lately. I don’t really know what that’s all about, but I’m gonna run with it and not ask any questions.

Not quite THIS happy, but I'll take what I can get.

A year ago on Valentine’s Day I started this awful job that I hated SO much. I had a TERRIBLE commute, worked stupid hours, did not enjoy what I was doing in any way, and met this bro who was OUT. OF. HIS. MIND. and he jacked up my life for a while. So basically I spent the day reflecting on the past year of my life and loving the fact that I’m not doing all that nonsense anymore. I’m working a job doing what I’m really interested in doing with my life,  getting ready to move into an apartment with one of my best friends which I’m really excited about, and not dealing with crazy people drama anymore. Life is good.

I intend to keep this super deep reflective attitude about how far my life has come in the past few years and just be happy. I’m kind of starting to realize that life’s more about deciding to just BE HAPPY than anything else. Yeah, shitty stuff happens sometimes. But it happens to everyone. You’re not the only one who’s having a hard life. And if you can just make the decision to roll with whatever you’ve got going on and live your life in a happy place, you’re going to be a lot better off. No one likes a Debbie Downer. Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!

Just truthin'.

And that’s all I’ve got.

‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day and I was PRAYING for snow…

Hola amigos! Who’s with me in hoping and praying for a snow day tomorrow!?!? Best believe I’m saying my prayers and hoping for a winter miracle. It would be the PERFECT Valentine’s Day present in my opinion.

Googled "snow day" and this came up. YES.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, today I made this Valentine for my best friend. I find it INSANELY funny. If you don’t I’m sad for you. And yeah, I still watch One Tree Hill. And yes, it probably should have been over about four seasons ago. Whatever. I’m a true fan. Shove it.


Tomorrow night I’m going to see The Vow. As if  I wasn’t out of my mind excited already this lady had to have this post today: YUM.

Also, she posted this a few days ago:

TOOOOOO excited. I’ve watched this trailer 249 times. It comes out exactly one week before my birthday. If you are my friend you will offer to take me as an early birthday present. It has my Mercy girl in it! And I don’t even care what you guys say about Zac Efron. He has grown up into QUITE the hunk. Once again I will say YUM.

That’s all I’ve got. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go continue praying and doing my Native American rituals to encourage enough snow fall to prevent me from working tomorrow so I can stay home alone and cry my lonely Valentine’s Day tears in the privacy of my own snow covered home. Adios.

I’ve got a motley crew of topics going on here, just roll with it.

Hey friends. How goes your weekend?? Mine has been completely and utterly worthless and I LOVE it. I may not be doing so hot on that whole, “I’ma socialize so I can write super exciting blog posts for you!” thang, but my laundry’s done, my house is clean, and I’ve caught up on A LOT of trashy television. So I’m calling this a success. I actually plan to venture outside of my house for the first time since I got home from work on Friday this afternoon to run some errands. I’m basically a recluse, didn’t you know?

So, during my hermit-like weekend, I’ve had a good amount of time to troll the internets and now I want to share some things with you that I think will make your life exponentially better. You are welcome.

First off, let’s start with Whitney Houston passing away. WHO saw that one coming!? I am shocked by it. Say what you will about her in recent years, but homegirl had a VOICE on her. It’s a shame.

(And yes, I did choose that video because she sounds phenomenal AND old school Reba & the Fresh Prince of Bel Air are featured. That’s not a crime.)

After that sadness, I would like to bring you some joy. I am OBSESSED with this video and won’t stop making people watch it. YOU’RE WELCOME. And I don’t care if you’ve seen this, watch it again. I’ve watched it like 3847 times, and I still make myself cry from laughing so hard EVERY. TIME.

Read this: http://hellogiggles.com/im-not-okay-with-chris-brown-performing-at-the-grammys-and-im-not-sure-why-you-are I agree with it 100%, feel like it’s incredibly well written, respectful, and more than anything else true.

I spent far too much time lol’ing at photos such as this on Pinterest and other random websites I stuimbled upon. Teen Mom 2 will never get old.

And that basically sums up my weekend. I truly hope that yours was MUCH more eventful than mine. I’ve got to go mentally prepare myself to leave the comfort of my home and interact with real life people now. It’s scary out there. I’ll see you on the flip side my friends.

I started a new job! Now I’m going to get healthy, active, organized, and social! And act like I’m grown! Seriously.

Oh, hello there. My name’s Amanda. You probably forgot about me. Story of this sad little blogs life.  I’m not going to apologize again because, well, I’m really just sick of doing it. I suck at blogging on the regular, I think we’ve all realized that at this point. Now let’s move on with our lives in a positive direction, shall we? Great!

So, I started a new job…I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I HAD just started a new job the beginning of January. Well, within a week of me starting that gig I got a call to come in and interview for a job doing what I actually want to be doing with my life. Better pay, better benefits, doing something I actually like. I felt like a huge ahole, but in the long run it’s what I needed to do for me, so on my two-week anniversary at my old job, I put in my notice. A week later was my last day, and the next day I jumped right on into my new position here. And I’m SO happy. Life is good my friends, life is good.

So, yesterday was my two-week anniversary here. I’m loving life and loving you. (Chuck and Cindy’s wedding theme? Elizabethtown?? ANYONE!?) Anyway…I’ve decided that it’s time for me to settle on into a routine and stop being such a hot mess all the time. And I’ve decided that blogging needs to be a part of that routine. Yeah, you’ve heard THAT before, right? Shut it. I’m doing my best.

I’ve got some big plans to get my eating on track, work in some physical fitness type of activities, sleep like 8-9 hours every night on the regular, give you guys all the details of my SUPER exciting life, and maintain some type of social life so I have something to tell you about,  all while waking up in time for me to pull myself together and look presentable on a daily basis. It’s going to happen you guys. You just watch. I think this is a real turning point of me becoming a legitimate adult person. And I’m stoked.

So, because this ALWAYS works out appropriately, I’m having one last hurrah before starting my healthy/active/organized/social/adult kind of life. I’ve got REALLY big plans tonight to consume a LOT of food, a good amount of vino, lay on my couch without moving, and watch a bunch of trashy television. Tomorrow it gets real. BOOM. See ya then.

Not that anyone has asked me on any dates. I’m not delusional. This is just the most appropriate expression of how I’m feeling currently. Go with it.