I started a new job! Now I’m going to get healthy, active, organized, and social! And act like I’m grown! Seriously.

Oh, hello there. My name’s Amanda. You probably forgot about me. Story of this sad little blogs life.  I’m not going to apologize again because, well, I’m really just sick of doing it. I suck at blogging on the regular, I think we’ve all realized that at this point. Now let’s move on with our lives in a positive direction, shall we? Great!

So, I started a new job…I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I HAD just started a new job the beginning of January. Well, within a week of me starting that gig I got a call to come in and interview for a job doing what I actually want to be doing with my life. Better pay, better benefits, doing something I actually like. I felt like a huge ahole, but in the long run it’s what I needed to do for me, so on my two-week anniversary at my old job, I put in my notice. A week later was my last day, and the next day I jumped right on into my new position here. And I’m SO happy. Life is good my friends, life is good.

So, yesterday was my two-week anniversary here. I’m loving life and loving you. (Chuck and Cindy’s wedding theme? Elizabethtown?? ANYONE!?) Anyway…I’ve decided that it’s time for me to settle on into a routine and stop being such a hot mess all the time. And I’ve decided that blogging needs to be a part of that routine. Yeah, you’ve heard THAT before, right? Shut it. I’m doing my best.

I’ve got some big plans to get my eating on track, work in some physical fitness type of activities, sleep like 8-9 hours every night on the regular, give you guys all the details of my SUPER exciting life, and maintain some type of social life so I have something to tell you about,  all while waking up in time for me to pull myself together and look presentable on a daily basis. It’s going to happen you guys. You just watch. I think this is a real turning point of me becoming a legitimate adult person. And I’m stoked.

So, because this ALWAYS works out appropriately, I’m having one last hurrah before starting my healthy/active/organized/social/adult kind of life. I’ve got REALLY big plans tonight to consume a LOT of food, a good amount of vino, lay on my couch without moving, and watch a bunch of trashy television. Tomorrow it gets real. BOOM. See ya then.

Not that anyone has asked me on any dates. I’m not delusional. This is just the most appropriate expression of how I’m feeling currently. Go with it.


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