I’ve got a motley crew of topics going on here, just roll with it.

Hey friends. How goes your weekend?? Mine has been completely and utterly worthless and I LOVE it. I may not be doing so hot on that whole, “I’ma socialize so I can write super exciting blog posts for you!” thang, but my laundry’s done, my house is clean, and I’ve caught up on A LOT of trashy television. So I’m calling this a success. I actually plan to venture outside of my house for the first time since I got home from work on Friday this afternoon to run some errands. I’m basically a recluse, didn’t you know?

So, during my hermit-like weekend, I’ve had a good amount of time to troll the internets and now I want to share some things with you that I think will make your life exponentially better. You are welcome.

First off, let’s start with Whitney Houston passing away. WHO saw that one coming!? I am shocked by it. Say what you will about her in recent years, but homegirl had a VOICE on her. It’s a shame.

(And yes, I did choose that video because she sounds phenomenal AND old school Reba & the Fresh Prince of Bel Air are featured. That’s not a crime.)

After that sadness, I would like to bring you some joy. I am OBSESSED with this video and won’t stop making people watch it. YOU’RE WELCOME. And I don’t care if you’ve seen this, watch it again. I’ve watched it like 3847 times, and I still make myself cry from laughing so hard EVERY. TIME.

Read this: http://hellogiggles.com/im-not-okay-with-chris-brown-performing-at-the-grammys-and-im-not-sure-why-you-are I agree with it 100%, feel like it’s incredibly well written, respectful, and more than anything else true.

I spent far too much time lol’ing at photos such as this on Pinterest and other random websites I stuimbled upon. Teen Mom 2 will never get old.

And that basically sums up my weekend. I truly hope that yours was MUCH more eventful than mine. I’ve got to go mentally prepare myself to leave the comfort of my home and interact with real life people now. It’s scary out there. I’ll see you on the flip side my friends.


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