‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day and I was PRAYING for snow…

Hola amigos! Who’s with me in hoping and praying for a snow day tomorrow!?!? Best believe I’m saying my prayers and hoping for a winter miracle. It would be the PERFECT Valentine’s Day present in my opinion.

Googled "snow day" and this came up. YES.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, today I made this Valentine for my best friend. I find it INSANELY funny. If you don’t I’m sad for you. And yeah, I still watch One Tree Hill. And yes, it probably should have been over about four seasons ago. Whatever. I’m a true fan. Shove it.


Tomorrow night I’m going to see The Vow. As if  I wasn’t out of my mind excited already this lady had to have this post today: YUM.

Also, she posted this a few days ago:

TOOOOOO excited. I’ve watched this trailer 249 times. It comes out exactly one week before my birthday. If you are my friend you will offer to take me as an early birthday present. It has my Mercy girl in it! And I don’t even care what you guys say about Zac Efron. He has grown up into QUITE the hunk. Once again I will say YUM.

That’s all I’ve got. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go continue praying and doing my Native American rituals to encourage enough snow fall to prevent me from working tomorrow so I can stay home alone and cry my lonely Valentine’s Day tears in the privacy of my own snow covered home. Adios.


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