If you’re off today I hope you stub your toe.

Happy Monday, ya’ll. I’m sure a bunch of you have today off to celebrate presidents and stuff. And I would like you to know I hate you. Cancer doesn’t take President’s Day off and I’m extremely bitter about it.

Anywho, this Saturday was Mardi Gras. In case you’re unaware, St. Louis has the second biggest Mardi Gras after New Orleans. And anyone you meet from the St. Louis metropolitan area will tell you that. Repeatedly. We’re pretty obnoxious about it. Watch this. You’ll understand.

So being the good St. Louisans we are, we celebrated appropriately. Which you may have figured out from my drunken NEED to share the new Jason Mraz video with you Saturday evening when I got home. I don’t feel bad about it though. It is an excellent song and I still feel it’s  something you guys needed to see. You’re welcome.

Lots of vodka was most likely involved in my day.

I’m really attempting to be a productive member of society and lock it up this week. Today is a success so far. I got up on time this morning. Ate a healthy breakfast, brought a healthy lunch, and have dinner cooking in the crockpot at home as we speak. I’ve got plans to do some 30 day shred when I get off work, eat my nutritious dinner, do some laundry, and go to bed at a decent hour to get my perfect 9 hours of sleep. Boom. I’m grown. Don’t feel bad if you’re impressed by how awesome I am, I’m pretty impressed too.

Now I have to get back to doing my job. If you’re off today, I just want to reiterate my jealousy to you. I hope you stub your big toe.


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