What day is today!? Today is new house day!!

Hiya friends! Fun update on my life: I’m moving today! Well, kind of.

I was originally supposed to move March 3rd. Well then yesterday my best frienn who I’m moving in with decided she was lonesome and I should just move in now. I was planning to be there tonight anyway because I’m having a nail party (It’s like a Tupperware party, but with these sticker kind of shield blow dry on things for your nails. I’m reading that and realizing how dumb it sounds to you, but it’s not. It. Is. Awesome.) Look at this photo:

LOOK how cute these are!

ANYWAY…so since I was going to be there tonight anyway, I’m just semi-moving in and never leaving. I have all my bed stuff and shower stuff and what I need for work tomorrow all packed up in my car and when I get off I’m just going to swing by my house and grab my dog friend and all her belongings. Tonight will be our first night in our new home!! I’ve been ready to move for MONTHS, but now that it’s actually happening I’ve got the sads a little bit. I thought Truman would be ECSTATIC I was leaving, but he’s not which has thrown me off my game completely. Obviously not enough to stop me from suddenly moving out with 24 hours notice, but still. Hurts my heart a little bit.

This is the best/one of the only pictures of Tdog I own. Look how much he clearly loves me.

So obviously today is DRAGGGGGING by because I’m pretty enthused about my evening plans. I’m trying my best to focus on my job, but it’s just SO. HARD. today. I’m going to go give it one more valiant effort before I head home for the day. See ya later pals!


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