Yeah, it’s been almost a month. I don’t want to hear it. Just enjoy my presence!

Remember when I blogged? So do I. Vaguely. Verrrrry vaguely.

Alright, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here so let me just give you a quick rundown on my life, then we can all move on like my month-long hiatus never happened, cool? Great.

  • I moved. It’s been fantastic. Kayla and I are bombass roommates, always have been. It’s AMAZING to live in a clean, smoke free environment where you’re not constantly concerned about smoking+oxygen tanks resulting in your dog, grandfather, home, and earthly belongings being blown up. Seriously. Amazing. Clearly Sophia is having a really tough time with the move. Her life is incredibly hard.


  • I’m putting a pretty legitimate effort into being a physically fit human being. I’ve started doing Couch to 5k…again. Last week I worked out every day but Friday, and that was because I was resting for a 5 mile St. Patty’s Day run on Saturday. (Okay, I walked it. But still. I got up and walked 5 miles Saturday morning and that is impressive. Shut it.) So yeah. I’m really planning to actually COMPLETE Couch to 5k this go around. That will be a first. And my goal is to actually RUN the St. Patty’s Day run next year. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • I’m also attempting to put some effort into my appearance. (Fun fact-It just took me 8 attempts to type the word appearance correctly. I SWEAR to you I’m becoming more stupid on a daily basis. It started around the middle of last week that I noticed my loss of brain cells and it’s just been downhill ever since. I’m seriously concerned about my intelligence or lack thereof.) Anyway, last Friday after work I went to dinner with the roomie and came home and happened to glance in the mirror at myself and I was HORRIFIED. I was the straight up definition of homely. My clothes were frumpy as hell and ill-fitting. I had on ZERO makeup and honestly could not have even told you the last time I had put any on. I also could not have told you the last time I took the time to blow dry my hair. I was in quite the routine of letting it air dry over night and putting it on top my head. This is not attractive. So last week I made an effort to get up and put on a legitimate outfit and wear make up to work everyday. I manned up and faced my phobia of eyes to go to the eye doctor on Friday to get new contacts. I got my pasty ass a spray tan. I went shopping this weekend for the first time in I seriously can not tell you how long and got some nice wardrobe updates. I feel operation “No One Likes a Homely Broad” is going well. I’ll be sure to keep you informed on the progress.
  • I’m old. I’m so old I couldn’t even stay downtown after the run yesterday to day drink and act like an idiot. I was tired and EVERYONE annoyed me. I happily came home, watched some Bravo, and went to the mall. I’m not even mad at it. Just old.

And that’s my life. Aren’t you glad I came back to share it with you?? Wasn’t that so exciting that you don’t even know what to do with yourself?? I know. You’re welcome. See ya soon. Promise.


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