Hey. I’m still alive. Just thought you should know.

I neglect this blog. It’s what I do. But then there are times, like right now, where something kind of hits me and I physically cannot get here to write about it fast enough. It doesn’t make any sense, and in a way I feel like it’s completely hypocritical, but hey, it’s how I roll. I accept it, so you should too.

Lately I’ve been reading this blog borderline obsessively. (Thanks Adoug!) No, I do not have a child….at all, let alone a child with Down Syndrome, that would lead me to be interested in this blog. I do however have a strange interest in children with Downs Syndrome, Autism and the list goes on. Developmental delays intrigue me. It’s weird, I’m aware. But what interests me the most about this blog is the woman who writes it. Her outlook. Her grace. The way she presents herself, and her life, and her children. Her love. The way she writes is absolutely amazing and I feel like I need to keep reading so that hopefully just a small portion of those qualities she has will somehow manage to rub off on me.

I do LOOOOVE this baby angel. Isn't she a pretty pretty princess!?

I’ve realized lately that I need to rearrange some of my priorities and start living my life a little differently. It’s actually not always necessary for me to be the overly loud and obnoxious person in a group. Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and watch and take things in. I feel like my life is FLYING by, and I have no idea when it started going so fast or how I missed so much of it. I need to start appreciating the insanely amazing people I have in my life and the opportunities I have and find myself a better outlook on life. I’m a pretty Negative Nelly and no one likes that. Let me just clarify that my smartass attitude will NEVER go away fully, and if I’m being honest I don’t think I want it to. I’m funny y’all. BUT I can do better at finding the time and place for it. Turns out it’s NOT always appropriate. Fun fact.

So, that’s the deal. My birthday is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (!!!!!) and I think I’m getting all introspective and cray because of that nonsense. (Twenty-five part II. I’ve made the decision to stay 25 forever. Just so you know.) But whatever the reason is, it’s legit and it’s something I need to work on. So I’ma work it. I’ll let you all know how I’m becoming a more loving, full of grace kind of lady. Should be fun.

Also, I just want this here because it's my happy place.


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