This is the condensed version of my life currently. Enjoy!

Oh heeeeey. How’s life, everyone?? Let’s just play catch up right quick:

  • I kind of love my job and have probably the best coworkers ever. We stop work sometimes to make props and take pictures for Cardinals photo contests and they buy me pretty, pretty flowers. This is one of the first times in life I can remember not HATING going to work everyday, so I’m trying to enjoy it.
  • It was my birthday. I am officially no longer mid-20’s and have crossed over into late-20’s. This hurts me. However, I can tell you I had one of the best birthdays of my whole life and it made me realize how incredibly lucky I am to surround myself with the people I do. I’m kind of super blessed and need to take the time to appreciate that more often.
  • I met Jen Lancaster. We are bffs and hate the same blogs and she has a friend named Capri and my middle name’s Capri and she loves dogs and I love dogs and she liked my fingernail polish and then she drew me a birthday cake.  You can be jealous now if you want. If you’re really cool and want to be bffs with Jen and I, I’ll consider it. ONLY if you’re really cool.
  • This book. No. (And by no I mean I couldn’t stop reading it and have finished the entire series in less than a week. Obviously.)
  • My car’s a broke down hoopty and I’m going to spend a small fortune getting it fixed. I am unamused.
  • Truman moved. The experience almost killed me, but it is over now. He is completely out. Do you know what it’s like moving 80 years worth of a hoarders hoarding? NOT. FUN. But it is over. Now I just have to get him organized and unpacked in his new lil apartment. This, too, will be NOT. FUN. But it is what it is.
  • My momma’s coming to visit me next weekend!!! I’m stupid excited about it.

Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be back sometime, hopefully soon, but I make no promises.


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