Who’s up for my monthly blog about how shitty my blog is!?

Who had completely forgotten about this blog, because I’m the worst blogger in all the land and haven’t been here in so long!? I did, I did! I really did fully forget I had this guy until today and I was all, “OH! I have a blog! I should go see how that’s doing!” And this is why I don’t have a child people. I would ABSOLUTELY forget about it for months at a time, then one day be like, “Shoot! That baby I own has been at the babysitter’s house for MONTHS. Better go check on that situation.” And then children and family services would be there, and then I would probably go to jail and stuff, and I just don’t have a personality that would do well in jail.

I digress. I have a blog! Welcome back! (I seriously have no doubt that NO ONE reads this anymore, but it’s depressing if I don’t talk to you guys like there’s still SOMEONE out there. So just go with it. Also, this chick I work with is out on maternity leave because she just had twins (BLECH.) and she brought them into the office a few weeks ago and I was all “BABIES! NO THANKS! EW!” and this girl I work with quickly informed me she had read my blog and knew I secretly liked babies. I was SHOCKED. Did not know she had found this little gem. But then again, she is an internet pirate, so why would I expect anything less? HI ELEANOR!)

Maybe this is why I don’t do this more often. It is HARD to stay focused and actually talk about something with a point. It would probably be easier if I did this on a regular basis, maybe I could work on that, eh? So, this was a start. I swung by, I let you all know that I’m alive, I’m fully aware that I am nowhere near responsible enough to have a child, I have coworkers who creep on me, and I have slight blogging ADD. So that’s that. I’m going to come back tomorrow ( I. AM!) and write a real life post. WAIT FOR IT.



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