Heeeeey-o! I’m getting my life together! Oh, you feel like you’ve heard that before? SHUT IT.

Dudes. I completely understand why people just shut down blogs and start completely over with new ones. I’ve started about three posts in the last week, but didn’t want to deal with the obligatory sorry my blog sucks, I’ll do better, blah blah blah excuses at the beginning, so instead I just exited my little browser and went on pretending this blog didn’t exist. That sucks. So, I’m just not going to do that shit anymore. I’m going to come here, and start my posts with no apologies or excuses or any of that nonsense. Let’s all just accept that I blow at doing this on a regular basis, appreciate the times I do swing by here, and move on with life. Stop saying mean things about me.

Life has been a cluster fuck lately. I’ve been stupid busy with shit at work, I’ve been going out and drinking like a fish on the reg, and my life has just become a DISASTER. So this weekend I got myself back together. I’ve actually spent some time by myself for the first time in a minute and it was GLORIOUS. I have recently accepted that I absolutely need to spend some time alone or I start to lose it and hate EVERYONE. For the good of the world and those who have to interact with me, I finally had that time by myself to kind of regroup and I no longer feel so stabby. So this is a good thing. I’ve slept in the past two days, I got a massage, hung out with some pals I hadn’t seen in a hot minute, I went to church, I got my house clean and all my laundry done, and I went on a fun outing with my dog friend. All of this is resulting in me feeling like my life is back in order and I’m ready to get my shit back together this week, and ideally not want to shank everyone in my path.

I was also doing really well with the whole eating well, working out, not being a big fat fatty thing for a while. But, as with every other aspect of my life, that went down the drain recently. I am now back to feeling like a big disgusting beast and I’m over it. So I’ve got healthy meals planned out, I’m NOT drinking during the week anymore, I’m starting Couch to 5k (why yes, this IS the 7th time, thanks for asking), and I’ve got some plans to get up before work (EESHK!) to run before it gets f’ing GROSS hot outside. I’ll let you know how all these plans actually play out.

In closing, today is National Dog Day and my baby angel went to a dog party in Forest Park where she actually didn’t act like an asshole and make me embarrassed to be her human. This is quite the accomplishment and really makes me feel like my life is moving the right direction.


Have a good week friends!!


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