Day 1 of being AWESOME at life is in full swing.


A. Let’s talk about how I’m posting TWO DAYS IN A ROW. It’s a miracle from little teensy babay Jesus and you should all thank him.

B. My ass did NOT go out to lunch today, even though people were going somewhere with an AMAZEBALLS buffalo chicken wrap, which is basically my kryptonite. Instead I ate my healthy little weight watchers meal and yogurt and cried really sad fat girl tears all alone in the lunch room. Sacrifices.

C. Although the majority of my day is really letting my awesomeness shine, I’ll be honest and tell you I did not get up and run this morning as planned. I actually decided getting up at all was completely overrated and turned off all my alarms in my sleep. (I have 3 alarms because I’m the best sleeper in the WORLD.) Luckily I happened to wake up on my own with JUST enough time to shower and make myself look like a human and leave for work RIGHT on time. Then I sat in traffic for ONE HOUR AND SEVENTEEN MINUTES. Not fun. Not fun at all. But, back in the land of awesome, I AM running when I get home tonight. My clothes are all ready to go (conveniently waiting from when I was supposedly going to be wearing them at 6 am today) and I am going to immediately change and be out the door upon my arrival home from work. I know the deal. If I sit down, it’s all over.

That’s really all I’ve got for you. Other than the fact my phone erased ALL of my text messages from forever today, and I’m pretty heartbroken about it. There was a lot of good stuff in there and now it’s just gone. And the only texts I have currently are from Twitter (spam.) and my roommate talking about beer (obviously.). Makes me feel like a real big loser.


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