Gooooo tell it on the mooooountainnnn. (Sometimes weird things come out that make it clear I went to private church school for too much of my life. This title is one of those times.)

What is up you guys!? Just stopping by for the THIRD day in a row (not to toot my own horn or anything, but that’s pretty bombass of me) to say ‘ello and I hope you’re have a fantastical Tuesday.

I ran last night. It was hot as balls out, but it didn’t go as poorly as I expected it to and I felt pretty good about myself after I was done. So there’s that.

Ate a stupid, healthy, boring lunch again today. I recognize my tone may not make this come across as a victory, but it was. Healthy boring lunches are stupid and dull, but hopefully they make my pants fit better. Because if they don’t you better BELIEVE I’m back to eating buffalo chicken wraps and cheese for lunch everyday.

Tonight I’m making this delicious AND healthy lasagna for dinner and 30 Day Shredding while it bakes. Then I plan to plant my ass on the couch and watch Pretty Little Liars and the latest disc of True Blood that Netflix sent to me. Productivity+laziness=perfection.


I’m feeling pretty good about life kids. I’m totes becoming all kinds of healthy and active. I’m a little bit less of an alcoholic already. I feel like my life is in order. Basically, I just want you all to tell me how bomb I am. Annnnnnd go!

Also, tell me how pretty my sparkly nail polish is.

Then go and tell Eleanor that it’s fine I blog at work sometimes.


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