I talk about beets a STUPID amount in this post.

Dudes, I have got the SLEEPYS today. I seriously have no idea how it’s not Friday yet. WOOF.

Today shall be short and sweet.

I ran yesterday after work. I ate my healthy dinner. I drank FAR more than anticipated and ended up over my calories for the day by about 250. Not terrible, not terrible in any way. It most definitely could have been worse.

Here’s the deal ya’ll, the drink special was $2 beers (Just typed beets on accident and legit lol’ed. Can you imagine going to a bar and getting pumped over $2 beets? HA!) and $2 well drinks. It’s clearly just more bang for your buck to get a vodka drink over a beer (beet AGAIN. HA!) for the same price. More alcohol content per dollar. Duh. And I’m all about spending my dolla dolla bills wisely.

Also, I feel like now is a good time to tell you guys that we are AWFUL at sand volleyball. Like, completely and utterly hopeless. We got last place in our league over the summer. LAST. PLACE. That’s almost impressive. But we are the most fun team EVER. The refs love us. The DJs loves us. We are complete and total idiots and we have a fucking blast every week. Now here’s the thing….some teams who play us enjoy our humor and laugh with us. Some teams do NOT. They are there to play some f’ing volleyball and do not have time for our shenanigans. The team we played last night fell into the latter category. And we were in rare form last night. We were the definition of a shit show. While we were acting like complete and total idiots and they were using defensive specialists and coming up with strategies, we only lost by a couple points each game. Idiot volleyball team win. Serious volleyball team FAIL. People need to be more fun. I feel bad for people who aren’t having as good of time as I am.

I’m out. I’m going to sleep like I’m dead tonight and I’m AMPED.


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