15 Thing Friday (I’m not even original.)

I’m totally stealing this idea from my fave blog lady over at Running off the Reese’s. This is not an original idea that came from my head in any way, so don’t think it is. Thanks a heap for understanding.

1. I decided going into this week I was going to try to blog every day. I never put this into writing so that if I failed there was no proof this was my plan.

2. I did not fail.

3. This week seriously felt like it went on FOR-EV-ER. I have no clue how it lasted so long. I could NOT be happier it is Friday.

4. Sometimes my job is the bomb.com. We get off at noon today, I have no dress code and am 100% wearing yoga pants, and they gave me bagels for breakfast. Nothing about this is not awesome.

5. I forgot to tell you guys last Sunday my baby angel dog friend won a competition at the dog party and got PRIZES. This makes me far more proud than it should.

6. IT’S PAYDAY! Thank the good Lord in heaven because I’m broke as a joke. Paydays are the best days.

7. I wish I was British a lot. Accents are so f’ing awesome.

8. My mom is currently on vacay at Yellowstone. I cannot remember this and keep asking her how things are going at the Grand Canyon. I think she’s going to shank me soon.

9. I worked out every day this week. I recognize this doesn’t SOUND like a big deal, but you guys, this is a BIG deal. Even yesterday when I was the sleepiest girl in the world, I sucked it up and 30 Day Shredded. Typically I would lay in my bed and eat Taco Bell. I’m getting better at life friends.

10. I have a freakish obsession with Eric from True Blood. This is NOT an invitation to talk to me about the current season of True Blood. I am halfway through season 4 because we are poor and do not have HBO, so Netflix has to send me all the DVDs one by one and I am an entire season behind. IF YOU RUIN ANYTHING I WILL SHANK YOU. Anyway, I wanna do bad things with Eric.

11. Continuing our Netflix discussion, does anyone have suggestions on a new program I should start watching that I can stream on Netflix? I have some pretty big plans to spend this rainy long weekend on my couch and would enjoy a new TV show to occupy my time.

12. Coming up with 15 things is much more difficult than I anticipated it to be. Mad props to the people who do this regularly and have for a hot minute now. I’m impressed.

13. I don’t know how to feel right now, I had a freaking awesome summer and part of me is super sad it’s almost over. The other part of me is so ready for fall. I love fall so much. Boots, scarves, pumpkin, pumpkin flavored items, crunchy leaves, hoodies, the fun is just never-ending. Point is, I have too many feelings about the seasons. That is all.

14. I have approximately 39 mosquito bites currently and I am NOT amused by it. I’m itchy.

15. I’M SO GOOD AT BLOGGING! I’ve learned about fancy things like writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them for later. I actually wrote this last night, made you THINK I wrote it this morning, and just scheduled it to post today. HA! I’m such a trickster.

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