I bet your Labor Day weekend isn’t as awesome as mine.

It’s the freakin’ weekennnnnd! Instead of having some fun I am refusing to leave my home like a hermit. Well, if I’m being honest, I do think this is fun. Holllllllllla!

Yesterday I worked a lovely little halfsie day at work, went shopping, ate like shit, Red Box-ed some chick flicks, did not even consider working out, had a Hunter Hayes style emotional meltdown about dying alone, and drank an entire bottle of red wine by myself. I want to call this a win, but I just can’t quite take it there. It was a day.

This morning I woke up and went for a run before Isaac got here for the day. I find it kind of fabulous that this summer was hotter than f’ing Hades and did not rain AT ALL, and the ceremonious end of summer Labor Day long weekend is a rainy disaster. I kind of love it. Rainy days are the best days for holing up in your house doing NOTHING and I’m into it.

The rest of my plans for the day include laying on my couch watching The Hills marathon that MTV has so kindly provided for me today, napping (potentially more than once….), 30 Day Shredding at some point, potentially indulging in yet another bottle of wine, and going to bed at like 8 pm. Who doesn’t want my life!?!?

Have a great Labor Day weekend pals!

2 thoughts on “I bet your Labor Day weekend isn’t as awesome as mine.

  1. […] No, but for real. I genuinely love my life. I’ve really gotten my shit together in the last year, and I’m happy with the way things are going. But about once a month (PMSing is AWESOME) if I happen to be left alone, I get in my own head a little too much and recently this has resulted in me having a few emotional breakdowns and crying for approximately 5-7 hours. […]

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