15 Thing Friday

1. I have SUCKED at blogging, and kind of life in general this week. I went home yesterday after work feeling like my life was a complete and utter disaster, so I took a nap. (Obvious choice to fix things. Duh) Then I got up, 30 Day Shredded, showered, cleaned up my apartment that looked like a tornado had gone through it, finally made those damn spinach lasagna rolls for dinner, and planned to lay on my couch and watch True Blood and be asleep by 10 pm. Instead my neighbor and one of my college pals who lives in Oklahoma and I haven’t seen in YEARS came over. And I drank. Heavily. WHOOPS. Bad life choices are where it’s at this week apparently. Shoot.

2. In the spirit of sucking at life, I’ve made the executive decision to just continue eating awfully and not beating myself up for exercising this weekend. If I do it, awesome. If I don’t, life will go on. Monday I’ll get back at it. Pinky swear.

3. I got paid to go sit in a suite at the Cardinals game on Wednesday. Sometimes I cannot complain about my job.

4. I’m like a bottomless pit this week. There is not enough food in this world to make me full. Particularly carbohydrates. GIMME BREAD!

5. I accidentally typed 53 and lol’ed. That’s not even funny. I’m dumb.

6. I curled my hair today, which in all honesty takes about 5 extra minutes than when I straighten it. Everyone who has seen me today has FREAKED OUT. Maybe I should make the effort on a more regular basis.

7.  My dog has been extra lazy lately. Typically when I wake up she’s snuggled up next to me and when I say “You ready to get up!?” she bounds off the bed and tap dances around in front of the door. This week she’s just looked at me like I’m a friggin’ IDIOT and she doesn’t even have time for my nonsense. Her mean mugging is out of hand.

8. One of my best friends is getting married in LESS THAN A MONTH. This is super weird. Another one of my really good friends is having a baby friend and finds out the sex in a few weeks. WHY AM I SO OLD!?

9.  Our volleyball game this week was a. HOT AS BALLS and b. played against this stupid competitive team that apparently all played college volleyball. It was not fun for anyone. Don’t join a rec league if you’re super serious. You’ll ruin everyone’s day.

10. Someone pooped on the bathroom floor at work yesterday. I work with all adults. This is NOT okay.

11.  Someone got stabbed in St. Louis over a bag Cheetos this week. Keepin’ it classy, ya’ll. Keepin’ it classy.

12. Guess what I realized while watching the VMAs last night? I’m too old to watch the VMAs. I didn’t know who half the people were. I did not enjoy the majority of what happened. It was pretty sad. As my friend Troy said, we’re just not hip enough anymore.

13.  I need either a second job or a sugar daddy stat. SO. MANY. CUTE. FALL. CLOTHES. I need a wardrobe update and I need it soon. Someone make my autumn dreams come true.

14. It rains basically every day around these parts now. I’m not even mad at it. Although it results in me taking far more naps than is necessary.


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