“If you don’t like where you are, then change it. You are not a tree.”

Time to make some changes. I AM NOT A TREE.

So here’s the deal ya’ll, if I am remotely stressed or busy or my days are jacked up and I’m not able to stick to a steady routine for whatever reason, I tend to say f it and start shoving shitty food in my mouth and forget what exercise even is. I recognize this is straight BS and if broads like this hottie can seem to figure it out with two chillruns, while working full-time, having a husband, and looking good, I need to man up and shove the excuses. Let me just tell you my excuses though! Last week I didn’t work on Monday-Routine messed up. Worked late Tuesday-Not in my normal routine. Went to a Cardinals game Wednesday-How do I make this part of my routine!? Unexpectedly got peer pressured into drinking on Thursday-I REALLY did try to get my life together on Thursday, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. You’ll have that. By Friday I was just done with the week and didn’t even make any attempts at being a healthy individual. Yesterday I ate shit and accidentally got day drunk and by last night the entire week caught up to me and I was ILL. I haven’t felt that sick in a long time and it was MISERABLE.


Today I did not eat until 1 PM because I was still so full and sick from yesterday. (And maybe the entire week of food I couldn’t stop shoveling into my face hole? Maybe?) I cannot drink enough water. I went grocery shopping and am now loaded up on healthy things to nom on this week. I have a healthy potato soup cooking in the crock pot for dinner.  As soon as I hit publish on this post I’m taking my dog friend for a long walk. Laundry is done for the week and just needs to be put away. Progress, my friends. Progress.

I know going into this week there are going to be some challenges sticking to my eating well and working out regularly-two concerts and sand volleyball is on the schedule already, who knows what will pop up to mess up my plans mid-week. But I feel like knowing what I’m up against and going into this week prepared is putting me in a position to be successful. Not to mention I am spending Friday evening with Luke Bryan, who GOD BLESS IT, is good-looking. So clearly I need to look my best.

Have a great week friends! I’ll keep you updated on how great I’m doing at life.


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