Today I became a cat lady.

I don’t like cats. I tell this to anyone and everyone. I’m honestly a little obnoxious about it. Well, thanks to this broad, I’ve spent  my day cracking up over stupid cat videos. Annnnnnd, now I’m a cat lady. So that’s cool. As if I don’t have enough going against me, let’s add cat lady into the mix. I’m TOTALLY not going to die alone. WOMP. WOMP. Let me share with you how this rapid downward spiral took place, shall I?

Pudge is grumpy and I LOVE it.
Li’l Bub is a FOREVER KITTEN who always has surprised eyes and an open mouth. LOVE.
Pudge and Li’l Bub are FRIENDS!!!

Annnnnnd then there is Maru. I truly believe this cat is crazy enough to murder us all. AND I LOVE IT.

Now go watch Maru on YouTube. You’re all so welcome for all the joy I just brought to your life. But I still don’t like cats….


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