15 Thing Friday

1. Guys. Get ready for what I’m about to help you imagine. It is literally one of the funniest things I’ve ever visualized. A HIPPOPOTAMUS EATING A PEANUT BETTER AND JELLY SANDWICH!!!!! Ahhahahahahahahaaha. You’re welcome.

2. I went to a Jason Mraz concert on Tuesday. Did ya’ll know Jason Mraz is sexy? Yeah, me either. BUT HE IS. Yowza.

I think its the fedoras….

3. Speaking of sex pots, I am going to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan tonight. LUKE BRYAN. YUM.

4. Ugh. I’m a disaster again this week friends. I don’t know WHY, a few weeks ago I was ON IT. Eating really well, working out every day, blogging daily, basically just being amazeballs at life. Since then I CANNOT get it together. I just don’t know what the deal is. I’ll think it over while I’m drinking heavily and eating pretty awfully this weekend and report back.

5. IT IS SO FALL OUTSIDE. It is cold and cloudy, and I am HAPPY. I’m wearing boots and a sweater to the concert tonight and I am JOYFUL about it!

6. I am in a wedding 3 weeks from tomorrow. I’VE GOTTA STOP WITH THE FATTY FATS BEHAVIOR. Not fitting in a bridesmaids dress would be EMBARRASSING.


8. Also, this.

9. They brought the World Series trophy to my office this week. So that’s basically awesome.

10. Let’s talk about HOW FUNNY I was Tuesday night, AND I was sober. That rarely happens. It made me pretty happy to know it’s still possible.

11. We’ve had our windows open at our apartment for almost an entire week now. This makes me ecstatic because a. our power bill was ABSURD all summer, one week with NO AC is going to be glorious. and b. I sleep SO GOOD when my windows are open. Win-win.

12. Season 4 of True Blood. WTF!? Things are completely ridiculous and out of hand I don’t even know what’s going on. Witches? Nice Eric/Normal Eric? Jessica/Hoyte/Jason? Lafayette thinking he’s some woman ghost with a bebe!? WHAT IS GOING ON????? Nothing makes sense.

Except this. This ALWAYS makes sense.

13. I’m going to be honest with you…..we have zero supervision at work today, it’s gloomy outside, I’m only working a half day, and all of these things are resulting in my inability to focus on ANYTHING. I can’t believe I could keep it together long enough to write this. You’re all welcome.

14. I’m going to the beach for Christmas. This makes me more joyful than ANYTHING else I’ve already told you makes me joyful today. SO MUCH JOY.

15. My new mantra in life is this: It’s life. Live it. Fuck it. I encourage you to try it out yourself. Just live it guys, don’t worry about shit. When you start to worry about shit, I urge you to say fuck it and get back to living life. IT’S WORKING OUT WONDERFULLY!



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