Weekend recapppppp. Fun+lazy=YES.

Hi friends! Just wanted to swing by and say ‘ello. Catch you up on my life, see what’s going on with ya’ll. I had a pretty glorious weekend…a nice little mix of fun and sitting on my ass doing nothinnnnnng.

Friday night was Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. It did NOT disappoint. I’ve got the sads summer country concerts are over. Hurts my heart a bit.

Saturday I was awoken bright and early by the worst charlie horse OF. MY. LIFE. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep, which made me INCREDIBLY sad. Hung out on my couch with a scoche of a hangover until noon, then got up and went wedding dress shopping with the roomie. Came home, got myself together and went to go see my child-friend Braden, then headed out for a girls night with my high school palskis. Saw Possession. I love fall and I love scary movies. Good night.

Saw this gorgeous sunset while we waited for a table at dinner. Sometimes life is pretty.

This morning there were no charlie horses in sight, so I slept in then got up and started laundry and picked up around the apartment. Had a bit of a health scare with my cousin’s mom (FYI…my family is weird. My mom is an only child, but my Grandma had 13 brothers and sisters so I have about one billion second cousins and what not. I also have some of my mom’s friends and some of her cousins who I call aunts. It’s all very confusing. Don’t try to understand when I discuss family members.), who is still not out of the woods, so if you guys could keep her in your thoughts or prayers or whatever you happen to believe in, that would be really great.

I think I’ve got it together to have a good, healthy week this week. House is clean. Laundry is done and put away. Healthy groceries are purchased, and meals are planned. Workouts are scheduled for the week and clothes will be set out before I leave for work every morning. I’ve got a good feeling about me getting my life together again this week. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Baby Angel helped fold and put away laundry.

How were your weekends, friends? Anyone do anything fun they want to share with the group?

Hope everyone has a glorious week!


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