The Cardinals give me anxiety. Gimme a Xanax.

Hey-o!!! I have a blog!!

What is up you guys? I’m still alive. I feel like life just became a hot, HOT mess for a while. I honestly had no interest in trying to get it back together. So I just didn’t.

This weekend I finally looked around and realized I was tired of the chaos. Everything that needed to be taken care with Truman is almost wrapped up, now it’s time to make my life back into what I want it to be.


So I got my life back together yesterday. Went to work today and got things organized there. I’ve been eating like a normal person for the last three days and already feel better. I won’t lie, I have ZERO plans to work out this week. I’ve got a lot to do on the work front, and trying to completely overhaul my ENTIRE life this week just isn’t feasible. So for now I’m focusing on the eating, next week we can look at some physical activity.

Currently I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety over my Cardinals and drinking a glass (bottle??) of wine while watching game 7. 12in12. I believe. They’re just SUCH drama queens about it.


Now, to hold you over until next time, I have these funny things for you. You are welcome.

If I was an evil wizard, my horcrux would be the artificial hear in a sick child; your move, Harry.

2 thoughts on “The Cardinals give me anxiety. Gimme a Xanax.

  1. Hey stoped by via delightfully awkward britanny… she nominated us both for a blog award…anyways Love your blog, love your puppy (is she a bichon frise… that what my family has, and even tho he’s old and lumpy now I still loves him)


    • First of all, let’s start with an apology for me not even LOOKING at my blog for the past month and taking weeks to reply to this comment. I surely don’t deserve any blog awards! My dog is actually a cockapoo. (Cocker spaniel/poodle, but cockapoo is WAY more fun to say!) Thanks for stopping by!!


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