Let us be thankful and not mad at me for sucking.

Holy Mother of Jesus. In the name of Thanksgiving and the holiday season, let us choose to be THANKFUL that I am here, writing a blog post for the first time in far too long and not talk shit on how bad I am at having a blog. Deal? Great!

It has been almost EXACTLY a month since I’ve been here, so let me just catch you up on my life right quick. A bulleted list, you say you’d like to see? Your wish is my command, friends.

  • It was Halloween. I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Donatello. The smartest turtle. Obviously.) and my dog was a pig…in a tutu. On Halloween the roomie and I hid from trick or treaters, drank wine, ate candy, and watched Hocus Pocus. Then I had to go to bed at like 8 pm because I ate candy all day and gave myself a tummy ache. One day, I’ll be a grown up.


  • I got my wisdom teeth pulled. And then the next day, I got some weird stomach flu situation and threw up for a day and half. It was AWESOME.
  • Barack won the election. This made me joyful.
  • My dog turned 6. So of course I had a birthday party for her complete with all of her dog friends, decorations, party hats, a dog cake, candles, and forcing everyone to sing the happy birthday song to her. Duh.


  • Acted real grown and got myself a doctor this week, just because I feel like when you’re a grown up you should have one of those. Found out I am officially overweight and have a high cholesterol. I’m 26. Soooooo, that sucks.
  • It was Thanksgiving. The first without Truman’s bah humbug self. And my mom was in NC all by herself and I was here. It was kind of a sad little holiday. I spent the day with my best frienn and her family, and I’m real glad they take me in every year. Also, every time I would tell someone what an orphan I was for Thanksgiving, they would invite me to their Thanksgiving. It made me feel real popular and stuff. So that’s neat.
SHOCKED we didn’t dress like twins on Thanksgiving.

So I believe this catches you up on what’s happened around these parts. I gave myself until today to eat crappy and be a lazy bum because it was the holiday. Now I have to start eating like a real life person and going to the gym. BLAH! Here I go to the gym. I’m not happy about this, but I am doing it. No one has time for high cholesterol at 26. NO ONE!

Happy Holidays friends!!!


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