15 Thing Friday…remember when I did stuff like this??

1. This is the THIRD DAY IN A ROW I’ve written a post. The only explanation is it’s a Christmas miracle directly to you from bebe Jesus. Thank him.

2. I’m going to the movies tonight for the third time in less than a week. I might have a problem with cinematic adventures.

PicMonkey Collage

3. I slept for 12 full hours last night. I am not ill. It was GLORRRRRIOUS.

4. This week has taught me I am not so good with the down time, all the time. I’ve made a budget for the first 4 months of 2013. (I was going to go for 6 months, but more likely than not I’ll be moving in April, so all of my expenses will be changing and I’m not trying to do this twice. Math blows.) I’ve started working on my Maid of Honor duties for my roommate’s wedding in September. I’ve obviously been hanging out with you folks more. I’ve eaten A LOT. Notice that I’ve done no type of physical activity? I’M ON VACATION!!!!

5. Anytime anyone types in all caps and/or yells in real life, all I can think about is Patrice.

6. Have I told you guys yet that all I want in life is a Barney Stinson kind of love?? This scene. I die.

(That video SUUUUUCKS, but it was the best I could find. Shut up.)

7. I’m taking my mom shopping tomorrow in an attempt to vamp up her wardrobe. I feel like Cher Horowitz and she’s my Tai.

8. RIP Brittany Murphy. Taken too soon.

9.  Guess what ya’ll? I have ZERO stress about my plans for NYE. As previously discussed, NYE blows. I shall be at home with my madre, in my pajamas, getting drunnnnnk, eating shitty food, and watching movies. I’m SO. EXCITED.

10. When you basically haven’t interacted with anyone but your mom and dogs for almost a week, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to come up with 15 interesting things to tell strangers about.


12. You’re welcome.


13. A version of this list was given to me by a coworker months ago, and my roommate and I now keep it on our refrigerator year round. You should read it. And then do it. You’re welcome.

14. I’m contemplating doing a 3 day juice cleanse when I get home. Anyone done a juice cleanse? Thoughts? Other than how dumb it sounds. I’ve already had that thought for myself, thankyouverymuch.

15. Bless our hearts, I made it and you read all this nonsense. You’re awesome.


Snowflake Project

Hi friends!! Just stopping by really quickly to tell you about something I saw today and think is really cool.

I think it’s fairly obvious, even through this anonymous kind of forum, that I don’t do a lot of the feelings. It’s just not my thing. I prefer my “don’t give no fuuuucks” attitude of living. Sometimes things happen that break through that stupid wall I have up and give me all the feels and I don’t know what to do about it.

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary this month was one of those things. It literally makes my heart hurt every time I think about it. I still think about it on a daily basis and can’t catch my breath. It’s infuriating to me that someone could walk into a school and cause such terror for those children. On Christmas day I found myself appreciating my mom a little more while my heart broke thinking about those parents who didn’t get to spend Christmas with their FIRST GRADE CHILDREN because of this senselessness. There really are not sufficient words in the English language to describe something like this.

Today, I read about the Snowflake Project on Julie’s blog and I think it’s perfect. The children who previously attended Sandy Hook will be heading back to a new elementary school after the holidays. The PTA in Newtown has started this project to decorate the hallways of this new school for the students of Sandy Hook. Snowflakes will be accepted until January 12, 2013. Please mail your snowflakes to:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway 
Building 12, Suite 103
Camden, CT 06514
paper snowflake

I know that this isn’t going to change the tragic events that took place on December 14, but I feel like it’s a small thing that can be done to make things just a little bit more magical for those kids who have to be scared to death to go back to school. And if anyone deserves a little magic right now, it’s them. Hands down.


For more information on the Snowflake Project you can visit these websites.

There’s no place like home for the holidays.

Happy Christmas friends!! I hope you all had a glorious day with your families and that Santa was very, very good to you because you deserve it. You’re good peeps.

I got to North Carolina on Saturday and I’m here until next Wednesday and I couldn’t be happier.

Christmas pajamas for everyone!!
Christmas pajamas for everyone!!

This is exactly what I needed to take a step back from things, spend some good quality time with my momma,  and re-evaluate some life choices. I feel like when I’m here I get a lot of time to look at my life from a different perspective, and kind of rearrange where some of my priorities lie. I welcome this  obnoxious introspective attitude with open arms this year. I’m starting to feel really cranky and complacent with where I am in my life, so I’m looking forward to coming back to the Midwest with a renewed sense of who I am and what I want to be doing.

Also, I got a Keurig for Christmas. So I’m pretty stoked to come back with that too.


It never comes easily. And when it does I’m already gone.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Alright y’all. Let’s get real. I have an ugly, dark, dirty secret to tell you guys.

I am on the Match.com. I am online dating. AND IT F’ING SUCKS BALLS. I hate the Match. It gives me really low self-esteem (like I need help with THAT), it is full of creepy weirdo creeps, I feel like more of a perfectionist writing and rewriting my stupid profile than I’ve ever felt in my whole life ever, and I hate it. I signed up for the 3 month membership because I’m a baller on a budget and it was clearly the most fiscally responsible choice and I am counting down the days until this God awful membership expires. COUNTING. DOWN. THE. DAYS.

This secret I’m telling you just as a precursor to what I really want to talk to you about. I was quasi-dumped. Not really, real life dumped because we were just dating. But still. It happened. And it sucks. And I had a completely irrational overly emotional breakdown because of it yesterday and now I’m trying to make better life choices and pull myself together. I believe I’ve touched on some of my issues in the past but just to catch you up I’m a hot hot mess of daddy issues, abandonment issues, trust issues, and have a deep-rooted fear of commitment.

If we’re being honest I’m not upset that I’m not dating this boy anymore. I’m mostly upset by the way it all went down. I had only recently decided that I even remotely liked him. He was too short (shut it, Ella), he was not funny, and there was just no way he was going to be able to deal with me and all of this mess. After meeting him every one of my friends told me, “He’s nice! He’s not for you, but he’s nice.” For someone, somewhere, someday, he’s going to be the perfect guy. But I am not the girl. The short thing isn’t a deal breaker. I’m short. It’s fine. That one I could totally deal with. But I am FUNNY you guys. The bar is set high. And this dude had NO HOPE of keeping up. I’m not asking for someone to be as funny as I am. But I need someone to at least come close, and to have the quick wit to be able to jump in every once in a while. He did not. I also need someone who can properly deal with my bullshit. He definitely could have put up with it. But there are times when I push it just to see how far I can go with something. I am fully aware I’m doing it, and I HAVE to have someone who will call me out on it at a certain point or it won’t end well. He never would have, and I would have taken FULL advantage of that fact. Like I said, he wasn’t the one for me. I know this. I’m not upset I’m not with HIM anymore.

I am a hot mess. I think we’ve covered this. I like to be in control and have the upper hand in a relationship. The fact that this bro decided HE was done talking to ME sent me over the edge a little. Also, that he was not grown enough to TELL ME he was done talking to me and just stopped responding to any attempts I made to contact him for over a week make him a small tiny little man who I have no interest in dating, but that is neither here nor there. Not responding to any of my texts for a week, then responding to my f off, I’m done, you’re not acting like a grown up email within 20 minutes was completely absurd. The fact that his reason for not wanting to date me was that he felt un-included around my friends caused me RAGE. All of these emotions along with the issues I touched on earlier and my need for control in a relationship just sent me into a downward emotional spiral that lasted all day yesterday.

And it got to last all day yesterday. But that is IT. I am having no more emotional breakdowns over this. I allowed this DUDE, that I fully realize was kind of a waste of my time, to be this toxic THING in my life all week last week while I stressed out over him not calling, or texting, or wanting to hang out with me. THEN I let him be the reason I spent all day yesterday crying like an emotional train wreck, eating my feelings, and drinking wine. WTF!? I have a GOOD LIFE. I fully realize that, and I’m not going to let some boy turn me into a disaster and make me forget that.

I need to remember this more often.

I got up this morning ready to do me. Put myself together (except for wearing my glasses…crying for a full day is not great for the contact situation) and wore a sparkly new outfit to work. I’m going to seriously work on blogging on a more regular basis because I really do enjoy it. I need some type of “boys suck” change to my appearance, my only thought thus far has been changing my nose ring from a stud to a hoop, any other suggestions are welcome. I’m going to the gym after work today, followed by grocery shopping for healthy foods and picking up Christmas cards. I plan to go home and do a little self-improvement tonight. All forward motion!!

So that’s my story. Match sucks, I have far too many issues to work out on this blog, and I dated a silly little boy for longer than I ever should have. Tomorrow will be less woe is me, more picturey, and FAR less wordy. Thanks for listening friends.