15 Thing Friday…remember when I did stuff like this??

1. This is the THIRD DAY IN A ROW I’ve written a post. The only explanation is it’s a Christmas miracle directly to you from bebe Jesus. Thank him.

2. I’m going to the movies tonight for the third time in less than a week. I might have a problem with cinematic adventures.

PicMonkey Collage

3. I slept for 12 full hours last night. I am not ill. It was GLORRRRRIOUS.

4. This week has taught me I am not so good with the down time, all the time. I’ve made a budget for the first 4 months of 2013. (I was going to go for 6 months, but more likely than not I’ll be moving in April, so all of my expenses will be changing and I’m not trying to do this twice. Math blows.) I’ve started working on my Maid of Honor duties for my roommate’s wedding in September. I’ve obviously been hanging out with you folks more. I’ve eaten A LOT. Notice that I’ve done no type of physical activity? I’M ON VACATION!!!!

5. Anytime anyone types in all caps and/or yells in real life, all I can think about is Patrice.

6. Have I told you guys yet that all I want in life is a Barney Stinson kind of love?? This scene. I die.

(That video SUUUUUCKS, but it was the best I could find. Shut up.)

7. I’m taking my mom shopping tomorrow in an attempt to vamp up her wardrobe. I feel like Cher Horowitz and she’s my Tai.

8. RIP Brittany Murphy. Taken too soon.

9.  Guess what ya’ll? I have ZERO stress about my plans for NYE. As previously discussed, NYE blows. I shall be at home with my madre, in my pajamas, getting drunnnnnk, eating shitty food, and watching movies. I’m SO. EXCITED.

10. When you basically haven’t interacted with anyone but your mom and dogs for almost a week, it is INCREDIBLY difficult to come up with 15 interesting things to tell strangers about.


12. You’re welcome.


13. A version of this list was given to me by a coworker months ago, and my roommate and I now keep it on our refrigerator year round. You should read it. And then do it. You’re welcome.

14. I’m contemplating doing a 3 day juice cleanse when I get home. Anyone done a juice cleanse? Thoughts? Other than how dumb it sounds. I’ve already had that thought for myself, thankyouverymuch.

15. Bless our hearts, I made it and you read all this nonsense. You’re awesome.

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