I got you something. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Guys. Yesterday’s post kind of blew. Somehow I gained a handful of new followers, and people liked it?? If you’re new here, welcome! Know that things will (hopefully) be better than what you saw yesterday.

After that Debbie Downer I gave y’all last night, I just felt like I should give you something to make up for it today. So, without further ado, I give you Lentil.

Lentil is a French Bulldog who was born with a cleft palate. And the love of my life.

I am obsessed with him. I can’t stop talking about him, and showing everyone I know pictures of him, and LOVING EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. I should run his marketing campaign because I’ve single-handedly gotten him at LEAST 10 new likes on his tiny Lentil Facebook page since stumbling upon his story last week.

Like I said, you’re welcome.

Goodnight pals!!

2 thoughts on “I got you something. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  1. […] at only 10 weeks old, has his own blog, a Facebook page, AND has been featured on both Buzzfeed and wildly popular blogs such as this. The takeaway is this: Lentil is the cutest bb ever and has the most adorable name and I want to […]


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