15 Thing Friday

This was drafted yesterday and apparently I forgot to post it. WHOOPS. 15 Thing Saturday. WHATEVS.

1. This. Tonight. I CANNOT WAIT.

2. This week seemed to go on forever, yes? Could not be happier to have FINALLY made it to Friday.

3.  GUYS. Next week is THANKSGIVING. What!?

4. Because next week is Thanksgiving I get to head to Tennessee to hang out with my best friend and then North Carolina to see my MOMMA next week!!! I’m so excited!!

5. Watched this video before I got out of bed yesterday. Starting your day BAWLING is exactly the way to do it.

6. Watched THIS video when I got home from work yesterday. ALSO ended in me bawling. And I don’t have kids. And I don’t think it’s supposed to make me sad. I have ALL. THE. FEELS.

7. I love Jennifer Lawrence.

8. I’ve gotten to work from home the last two Friday mornings. I cannot tell you how bombass this is. Working while laying in my bed in pajamas is EXPONENTIALLY better than doing the exact same work dressed and in the office.

9. David Freese is leaving. Thank God. SEEEE YA!!!

10. My dog turned 7 last weekend. I was kind of a wreck and forgot to throw her a birthday party. Reason 4 million that I’m not ready to have actual children.

11. Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to come up with FIFTEEN things to tell you guys!? It’s really hard.

12. I know I mentioned I made banana bread earlier this week. I’ve been just grabbing a slice and heading out the door. Today I warmed it up and put some almond butter on it and it was THE BEST THING EVER. I only have one slice left. WHY did it take me this long to make it this delicious!? I suck.

13. I have not worked out once this week. So that’s a big fat fail.

14. I’m out of things to talk to you about. Enjoy this shirtless Tim Riggins photo.Tim Riggins 6



What I Want Wednesday

Hello again, friends! Great to see you, hope you’re having an awesome week.

So a bunch of the blogs I follow have a catchy little post on Wednesdays….the most popular seem to be “What I Ate Wednesday” or “WTF Wednesday.”

I eat my breakfast in the car on the way to work (although I’m nomming on Low Fat Banana Bread (minus nuts…no thanks) from Skinnytaste this week and it is THE BOMB), I have a frozen meal for lunch, and odds are I’m eating cereal for dinner tonight. NOT the ideal blog post. Although it sounds like focusing on eating in a more nutritious manner should probably be a blog topic of its own. Yikes!

I could FOR SURE do a WTF Wednesday post because I wonder WTF is going on around me at least 47 times a day. But I already stole 15 Thing Friday from Cely, and she’s probably going to sue me for trying to recreate her blog soon if I don’t knock it off. So that’s out too.

Turns out, I want a bunch of stuff. So I’ve decided to go with a What I Want Wednesday post. Let’s not get crazy, I probably won’t be back with another for about a month. But I’m here today, so let’s treasure the time we get to spend together by talking about the stuff I want.

1. High boot socks. I think this look is ADORABLE and I need to rock it. I love the cheap boot socks, and I love the more expensive boot socks. And everything in-between. I’m not picky. Moral of the story is I need ALL the boot socks.

2. A sassy new work bag. I just started in a new position at work that entails dragging my laptop and planner and notebooks and 2 million other things to meetings out of the office all the time. This clearly means I need an adorable new bag to tote all these items around in. I’m really leaning towards purchasing this bag. But if someone wants to throw down some for my cause to get me this bag I def won’t be upset. Think about it.

3. An adorable monogrammed phone case. I haven’t really jumped on the monogram train up until this point. But now I’m IN. Want.

Chevron Monogram Design 107

Happy Wednesday kids!

Make It a Life You Love

Well hey there babes. Hope we’re all doing well. I am actively working on making my life a happy place starting today. Writing makes me happy, I don’t do it enough. So here I am.

Yesterday was spent under the covers, having a full on “woe is me” day. I was the WORST. I didn’t even want to hang out with myself. Last night I obsessively watched a ton of TED talks, bought a self help book, and decided that shit ended there.


So today I got up and actively worked to make it a good day. I made myself a bombass breakfast and crawled back in bed for like an hour to eat and drink my coffee. Went to church, where the sermon touched on how unattractive negative, judgemental, cynical people are…good one big G, I GET IT. Took a quick little trip to Target, my happy place. Came home and decided that although I make no secret of how inappropriate I think it is to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, I needed a little Christmas cheer; so I proceeded to deck my halls.


I took a sweet nap. I ate an unGodly amount of macaroni and cheese for dinner. I made banana bread to have for breakfast this week. I just painted my nails my favorite color, and now I’m watching one of my favorite movies.

I’M MAKING IT A LIFE I WANT TO LIVE. Somehow last night it just seemed to click. That’s all you can do. Make your life a place that you want to be. So that’s what I’m doing. And here I am.


Have a good week loves!