I’ve been in a weird funk all day-no actual reason, just one of those days where you feel like at any moment you could just burst into tears.
As I’m laying here scrolling through Facebook tonight I see a story about a 6 year old fighting a losing battle with cancer. And an 11 year old autistic boy who committed suicide because he literally couldn’t understand how to live in this world. Then I read a story about a woman whose husband died in an accident when their brand new baby was only SIX DAYS old. And of course I’m being bombarded by stories about last weeks tragedy in Paris, and the opinions of everyone I’ve ever met in my life about Syrian refugees.
Then I look around at this tiny apartment that I love, and my warm bed with the cutest dog in the whole world snuggled up next to me, and my cup of tea, and my full belly from the bigass burrito I ate for dinner, and this Kindle I’m playing on the internet on, and the job I have that lets me be able to have all these things and also gives me a sense of personal satisfaction because I’m making some kind of small difference in the world from doing it everyday. All of it just makes me feel so overwhelmed with how unbelievably lucky I am. It’s so easy to focus on the shitty parts of our life, it’s important to take a step back and realize how lucky we are sometimes.