About Me

Hi friends! This is my attempt to blog…I haven’t been successful as of yet, but I just keep trying.

I’m Amanda. I’m 30 and living right across the river from St. Louis in a small town in Illinois. I plan events for nonprofit organizations and try to be grateful I have a job that I can actually say I love even on days that make me want to pull my hair out. I’m attempting to work out regularly, eat better, and just generally be a healthier person; I hate every single second of it. I would lay on my couch and eat pizza all day every day if it was allowed and I didn’t already have high cholesterol. I have a 10 year old dog named Sophia and I recently adopted a new dog named Lupin. I love them, and dogs in general, more than even the craziest dog lady should.

Life is a continual state of disaster and I’m learning to embrace the mess and love every minute of it.



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