Words and ideas can change the world.

I thought about deleting this blog and just starting fresh. But that seems like a LOT of work, and frankly I’m just too lazy for all that.

My heart is HEAVY this week and there are too many thoughts and feels for Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. So here we are. Reunited again.

Between what’s happening in Ferguson  and Robin Williams suicide, I just feel like the world is such a mess. We need to be having talks about mental health and education, and respectfully talking to each other about racism. But instead an absurdly talented and successful man took his own life because he felt like there was no other way and an entire portion of St. Louis is in upheaval in the name of justice.

I don’t know what happened to Michael Brown. In all honesty, NONE of us do. Do I think it was right? Absolutely not. Do I think vandalizing and looting, destroying an entire community, and fighting each other is going to fix the problem, bring this young man back, or change the racist minds of ignorant individuals in this country? Not at all. It breaks my heart and makes me incredibly sad for us as human beings. Being angry is okay. Wanting answers is okay. Protesting is OKAY. But the actions being taken out of that anger right now are not the solution. It’s not helping his family with the incredible loss they’re facing. It’s not bringing peace to an already unbearable situation. I don’t know what the answer is. But I know this isn’t it.

Depression is an altogether different beast. I KNOW depression first hand. It is ugly, and it makes you believe unfathomable things. The fact that someone so brilliant, so successful, with the ability to get all the help in the world was unable to beat this monster is a true testament to how powerful it really is. It’s a fight every. single. day. for those going through it. And it is HARD to find the strength to reach out for help on the days when you’re not sure if you can fight it on your own. There are resources and there are hotlines(1.800.273.8255). and there are more people willing to help than you can even imagine. And sometimes you have to let other people fight for you. But it’s WORTH IT. Fight. And when you can’t fight, reach out to someone….ANYONE…to do the fighting for you.

This world is a scary place, and I wish I knew how to fix this stuff. But I think in the end it comes down to all of us, every single person, just being a better human. Show a little more kindness to those around you. Listen to people with an open mind; have the willingness to-for one second-think of things from a view other than your own. Be good to each other and good to yourself. Because goodness and kindness matter. Always.

Really try to do this...especially when I am in my workplace because my greeting, words,  and or actions could really make a difference to someone. Either for the good or bad. Same goes when I (we) are out at the grocery store ie whatever have you...I always try or look for a way to brighten, whatever person I am talking to at the moment, there day in some way. Even if that is "extra brightness" haha. (: ♡