The Cardinals give me anxiety. Gimme a Xanax.

Hey-o!!! I have a blog!!

What is up you guys? I’m still alive. I feel like life just became a hot, HOT mess for a while. I honestly had no interest in trying to get it back together. So I just didn’t.

This weekend I finally looked around and realized I was tired of the chaos. Everything that needed to be taken care with Truman is almost wrapped up, now it’s time to make my life back into what I want it to be.


So I got my life back together yesterday. Went to work today and got things organized there. I’ve been eating like a normal person for the last three days and already feel better. I won’t lie, I have ZERO plans to work out this week. I’ve got a lot to do on the work front, and trying to completely overhaul my ENTIRE life this week just isn’t feasible. So for now I’m focusing on the eating, next week we can look at some physical activity.

Currently I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety over my Cardinals and drinking a glass (bottle??) of wine while watching game 7. 12in12. I believe. They’re just SUCH drama queens about it.


Now, to hold you over until next time, I have these funny things for you. You are welcome.

If I was an evil wizard, my horcrux would be the artificial hear in a sick child; your move, Harry.


I started a new job! Now I’m going to get healthy, active, organized, and social! And act like I’m grown! Seriously.

Oh, hello there. My name’s Amanda. You probably forgot about me. Story of this sad little blogs life.  I’m not going to apologize again because, well, I’m really just sick of doing it. I suck at blogging on the regular, I think we’ve all realized that at this point. Now let’s move on with our lives in a positive direction, shall we? Great!

So, I started a new job…I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I HAD just started a new job the beginning of January. Well, within a week of me starting that gig I got a call to come in and interview for a job doing what I actually want to be doing with my life. Better pay, better benefits, doing something I actually like. I felt like a huge ahole, but in the long run it’s what I needed to do for me, so on my two-week anniversary at my old job, I put in my notice. A week later was my last day, and the next day I jumped right on into my new position here. And I’m SO happy. Life is good my friends, life is good.

So, yesterday was my two-week anniversary here. I’m loving life and loving you. (Chuck and Cindy’s wedding theme? Elizabethtown?? ANYONE!?) Anyway…I’ve decided that it’s time for me to settle on into a routine and stop being such a hot mess all the time. And I’ve decided that blogging needs to be a part of that routine. Yeah, you’ve heard THAT before, right? Shut it. I’m doing my best.

I’ve got some big plans to get my eating on track, work in some physical fitness type of activities, sleep like 8-9 hours every night on the regular, give you guys all the details of my SUPER exciting life, and maintain some type of social life so I have something to tell you about,  all while waking up in time for me to pull myself together and look presentable on a daily basis. It’s going to happen you guys. You just watch. I think this is a real turning point of me becoming a legitimate adult person. And I’m stoked.

So, because this ALWAYS works out appropriately, I’m having one last hurrah before starting my healthy/active/organized/social/adult kind of life. I’ve got REALLY big plans tonight to consume a LOT of food, a good amount of vino, lay on my couch without moving, and watch a bunch of trashy television. Tomorrow it gets real. BOOM. See ya then.

Not that anyone has asked me on any dates. I’m not delusional. This is just the most appropriate expression of how I’m feeling currently. Go with it.

QUIT with the side-eye. I know I’ve been absent. I’m SORRY.

Holy krikies, look who’s gracing you with her presence!!

Here’s the deal kids. Life is a lot right now. All in really good ways, but A. LOT is going on. I work full-time now a days. I’ve actually had a pretty bustling social life the last week.  Planning for some pretty big and exciting changes coming up soon. And whenever I’m not doing those things, I sleep. I LOVE sleep. Ideally, I would get 9 perfectly uninterrupted hours every single night and be the happiest girl in the whole wide world. Sadly, this does not always happen, resulting in me being the grumpiest girl in the world.

In the past week I’ve had something to do every night after work, cutting into my sitting-on-the-couch-watching-bad-TV-reading-Google-reader-going-to-sleep-by-10-pm lifestyle. It’s a love/hate situation. I love my friends, I LOVE spending time with them, and I truly enjoy getting out of my house and socializing with people. But what we’ve (by we I obviously mean me, just go with it.) learned is that it is one hundred percent necessary for me to have at least one night a week where I come home from work, change directly into my pajamas, sit on my couch and do a whole lot of nothing.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve got some borderline OCD habits and feel completely lost when my life is not 100% organized. My life is currently a DISASTER and I’m going crazy. Yesterday I went bridesmaid dress shopping for one of my best friend’s who is getting married in October. (Just to ensure I do not leave you hanging, because I’m sure you’re DYING to know, we did in fact find a dress. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! It has been quite the process.) When I got home it was time for me to VEG. OUT. I put on my PJs, I snuggled up on the couch with my dog friend, and caught up on all my programs I had missed this past week. Gotta know what’s going on in my stories! (Yes, I call them my stories. Yes, I realize I am not your 87-year-old abuelita. SHUT IT.) I put in a movie at 10 pm last night and was asleep within probably 17 minutes. It. Was. Glorious.

Now today I am putting my shambly life back together. I’ve got laundry going already, I’m heading to the grocery store after church, I’ve got some major cleaning planned for this afternoon. Seriously, how do people live without everything being organized!? I cannot do it. I’m so excited to go to bed tonight with everything clean and in its place all prepared for the week. And yes, I WILL be going to bed at 10 pm and getting 9 beautiful hours of sleep. BOOM.